Xbox 360 DVD firmware hack

dvd drive

Backups can now be booted on the Xbox 360 according to Xbox-scene. The firmware was released by Commodore4Eva who previously released a functional Xbox 1 firmware. It works under the same idea as the final Xbox hack: it patches the response to the media check into the DVD drive’s firmware. So the drive responds with an all-clear without even checking the DVD. This hack works on units with the Toshiba-Samsung drive. The new firmware also lets you use the drive under Windows for easy game ripping. There are some quirks to it, but it sounds like everything you need is included. It’s unfortunate that this happened before they were able to get executable code running on the machine. Now that the bootleggers have what they want I’m afraid it might take some steam out of the homebrew movement.


  1. Jarechiga says:

    w00t first post

    all i want is to be able to run linux on it

    viva la ubuntu

  2. Kowalski says:

    i for one welcome our hacked firmware dvd drive overlords.

  3. Phyer says:

    Bah, this just means the web is now going to be flooded with 360 iso’s. Gimme a way to run unsigned code from the 360’s hard drive and then we’ll talk.

    Homebrew = Good, Piracy = Bad

  4. pete says:

    woott, homebrew, come on down!

  5. robo says:

    sweet, but lets see some linux.
    anyway this cool

  6. TJ says:

    Yeah, it is never good when piracy beats homebrew.

    This certainly could put a kink in any legitimate uses of this software.

  7. netdroid9 says:

    Well, here’s an opportunity for a softmod: Do any of the 360 games load a ‘demo’ xbx? Preferably without checking the signature first?

  8. kingkael says:

    homebrew better start catching up!

  9. the dentist says:

    very nice

    this puts a kink in the proverbial hose of homebrew i think

    o well in response to #1-
    KUBUNTU all the way

  10. cokebottle tuque says:

    ya this will last till the end of the month when MS will be releasing that big live update…

  11. fuerio says:

    You guys post ONE hack a day and THIS is what you cover? You’ve gotta be kidding me.. This shit is on hundreds of sites already.. Total cheese.

  12. tiuk says:

    He’d be remiss if he didn’t cover this, use your head.

  13. Hack_Bird says:

    To bad the new firmware wil only play
    Original Xbox 360
    Original xbox 1 (If suported)
    copy of xbox 360 (NO MOD posible)
    copy of xbox1 (If suported No mod posible)

    So its only for Piracy or education into firmware hacks….

    Hope they come with a firnware that wil NOT check the magic security sectors

  14. Pirate gateway or not, I think it’s definitely a jumping point for future modifications.

    @netdroid9 not that I know of, but it might be worth looking at one of those OXM demo discs.

  15. Moogle says:

    Well, if piracy means making backups of your games so your Xbox 360 doesn’t scratch the originals, as it’s been known to do, then yes, it’s only good for piracy.

  16. emuwii says:

    Do you think it will come to a point where we will be able to run Windows and it’s games on the X360. Also how do you check what type of drive you have Toshiba / Samsung?

  17. michael thurgood says:

    I agree with moogle, my 360 has scratched my games so backups of MY OWN GAMES would be cool!
    I will wait for the update on live and check the web to see if it still works.

  18. Lurch says:

    ^Difference in drives without disassembling the 360

    I have performed this hack and can confirm its working, it wasn’t “easy” by any means.

  19. Binxalot says:

    I never understood the hype of Xbox 360, it’s a god damn pc running old hardware that has more security and anti-piracy barriers than fort knox. Put your money into a nice vid card for your pc and get a usb controller attachement, its cheaper and more fun.

  20. foot billw says:

    lurch are you the one posting graw patched on
    if so please fix rar.001

  21. hazza says:

    I want to know if there is a tutorial for the samsung firmware hack if anyone knows please post the link thanks.

  22. datawing says:


    Recently it’s seemed like PC game have lost their variety, which I have always thought was their best feature. Also name ten games that actually support a usb controller

  23. dvdfreak says:

    i think the industry needs to wisen up and let us have access to everything, without ripping us off.

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