Playstation Controller PC Card

playstation connector

[timmeh] already had a parallel port PCMCIA card when he started on this Playstation controller port card. He cracked the case to discover that the circuit board only took up about two-thirds of the case. After that it was pretty easy to fit the port onto the card and wire it up. The second slot in his laptop was non functioning from factory, so using the space wasn’t an actual loss.

22 thoughts on “Playstation Controller PC Card

  1. Very nice and simple mod. I actually have a dead PS2 right now that I may use the controller ports from to attempt this mod.

    would have been nice had he included an actual schematic of the device other than that crap-ass webcam picture, but still very good nonetheless.

  2. lol, sorry about the crap ass webcam picture, my digital camera was stolen a year ago and has still not been replaced.

    i didnt include schematics because they are so simple and readily avaliable on google, but in case people cant find one, here you go:

    this is the exact one i used. the 9v is not requred unless you want to set up the rumble feature as a force-feedback device in windows.

    i used psxpad as the driver, which works more or less flawlessly in windows XP:

    there are other drivers avaliable for other OS’es, but i havent used them.

    psxpad also has support for two controllers, the use of a multitap (4 controllers), or both (5 controllers). more information about hooking up multiple controllers is here (in french):

    happy hacking.

  3. I’ve made a few of these before… I believe the original was posted back in 2000 on (at least that’s where I first found it). If anyone is interested I can throw some pictures up as well as diagrams on how to use those same drivers for any other console PRE-N64.

  4. #5 there are PS2 emu’s in development, but as I understand it they’re not especially stable yet and *VERY* power hungry. Give it a year or two, though.

    #6, Bleem! was a PSX emu, not PS2. I seem to remember that they got into hot waters with Sony, legally speaking. PSX emu developers protect themselves by supplying the PSX emu’s without a firmware (you have to supply this yourself).

  5. I made a hack like that. Madcatz came out with a line of wireless 2.4 GHZ controllers for the XBOX and PS2. I followed instructions for the XBOX –> USB mod, and then played games wirelessly. only until later, after temporarily losing the XBOX controller, did I change the PS2’s RF module’s crystal to match the XBOX receiver. the worked together flawlessly.

  6. If you manage to find a copy on a dusty shelf somewhere Bleem! was an awesome emulator. It allowed you to tweak the graphics of the games, namely crank up the resolution. I remember playing a bunch of games way back when and they looked so much better on my PC through bleem. AFAIK it was the only emulator that allowed you to do that stuff.

  7. Nice work!
    I just grabbed a clearanced USB-PS2 controller adaptor (to my delight), and up pops this great hack! Really cool!

    Good thing I found the USB one, because my laptop “features” Expresscard, which has much, much less available for it.

  8. This is cool! The only problem I have with it is that I’ve heard parallel port-based PSX/2 controller converters have problems with DDR mats, since pressing both directions on one axis doesn’t register. Those looking for a nice portable Stepmania setup would have to use a USB converter.

  9. Ok, i just recently recieved a Beamscope steer’n win JR. and most of the buttos do not work. i found out what wire it is that is the cause of the problem. all buttons but the X,O,triangle and square buttons work. Can anyone help me? The item no. is lm293 and pat no. is 2062908. It is compatable with psx and N64. please email me at
    Thank you for your help

  10. regarding the Beamscope steer’n win JR:
    there are 2 buttons on the back of the steering column. Mine are set as follows:
    N64 = Analog
    PSX = Digital
    I have it hooked up to Gran Turismo 4 on the Playstation 2 and all the buttons work!

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