iPod NES controller

[F00 f00] sent in his excellent piece of iPod artistry. It’s one of the most original iPod hacks I’ve seen yet. (Aside from his funky dock) I haven’t checked up on the latest iPod dock specification, but I’d guess he’s sending the command signals via the serial (TTL) interface with a microcontroller(pic/atmel etc) to encode the button presses.

27 thoughts on “iPod NES controller

  1. dang, I was working on almost the exact same project. Just needed to write the iPL drivers for it. I like his idea of using the controller as a docking station, thats pretty cool

  2. kickass!

    But is still doesn’t beat the touch screen found on, like every gadget I own.

    But since he was running linux it balences out ;)

  3. Sooo Jeff (#7), This could be totally possible by using a (wired) ipod remote and connecting the buttons to the NES. It would be messy but possible. But what i would like to know is did he made a chip that converts the nes signal to ipod or used a ipod (wired) remote and just solder through the buttons.

    The Nes controller/connector is really simple.
    Ipod pin-out G2 and G3 generation. (other generations might be different of course)

    So next time before you “automatically assume” try to think if it is possible ( you lazy bastard :P ). That said i don’t know if this is real but i believe it anyway because i think that it is possible.

    Anyway if f00 f00 could be so kind to tell us what method he used i would be grateful. :)

  4. jeff (#7) if you visit the forum you can see in one of the posts that guy is doing a how-to and will upload it soon

    until then you can think it’s staged :)

  5. And this time in colors! It’s the first color picture on the front of HaD for ages, I dont know what’s more scary: That it’s a change or that it botheres me.

  6. :/ Not as impressive as first thought. Still nice, but doing a dock without modding the insides, and with all buttons on the NES pad functional would be much cooler.

  7. you cant walk backwards…. If you notice in the video he never hits the back arrow button. Not having the ability to use that control sucks. It was a total downside when I uploaded that game on my ipod using rockbox.

  8. Whow, thats great! the NES hack plus play Durandal over an ipod.

    Here is a question do i have for my nano, can i twice its memory? too cool but too little mem.

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