iPod NES controller

[F00 f00] sent in his excellent piece of iPod artistry. It’s one of the most original iPod hacks I’ve seen yet. (Aside from his funky dock) I haven’t checked up on the latest iPod dock specification, but I’d guess he’s sending the command signals via the serial (TTL) interface with a microcontroller(pic/atmel etc) to encode the button presses.


  1. wolf says:

    thats insane! its too bad he didn’t show the controler more closely, the internals in perticular

  2. joe says:

    dang, I was working on almost the exact same project. Just needed to write the iPL drivers for it. I like his idea of using the controller as a docking station, thats pretty cool

  3. ... says:


    But is still doesn’t beat the touch screen found on, like every gadget I own.

    But since he was running linux it balences out ;)

  4. Og style says:

    I hate Ipods but that is a badass job on that.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. F00 f00 says:

    Thanks guys : )

  6. Aten says:

    Its kinda funny that his Nokia cell phone’s battery i just about dead. ?
    Good mod! Rock on!

  7. Jeff says:

    If they don’t explain how they did it, I automatically assume it’s a staged video.


  8. Aztek says:

    Sooo Jeff (#7), This could be totally possible by using a (wired) ipod remote and connecting the buttons to the NES. It would be messy but possible. But what i would like to know is did he made a chip that converts the nes signal to ipod or used a ipod (wired) remote and just solder through the buttons.

    The Nes controller/connector is really simple.
    Ipod pin-out G2 and G3 generation. (other generations might be different of course)

    So next time before you “automatically assume” try to think if it is possible ( you lazy bastard :P ). That said i don’t know if this is real but i believe it anyway because i think that it is possible.

    Anyway if f00 f00 could be so kind to tell us what method he used i would be grateful. :)

  9. Filipe says:

    jeff (#7) if you visit the forum you can see in one of the posts that guy is doing a how-to and will upload it soon

    until then you can think it’s staged :)

  10. Patrick says:

    Ha, I heard Richard Cheese playing in the background.
    Awesome hack.

  11. Fol2cool says:
  12. Maneuver says:

    And this time in colors! It’s the first color picture on the front of HaD for ages, I dont know what’s more scary: That it’s a change or that it botheres me.

  13. Dev says:

    That was really cool, I bet he missed alot of dates setting home on a friday and sat night to right linex drivers for that

  14. tom61 says:

    :/ Not as impressive as first thought. Still nice, but doing a dock without modding the insides, and with all buttons on the NES pad functional would be much cooler.

  15. amit says:

    You can view the iphone features on http://apple-iphone-new.blogspot.com/

  16. Royce says:

    you cant walk backwards…. If you notice in the video he never hits the back arrow button. Not having the ability to use that control sucks. It was a total downside when I uploaded that game on my ipod using rockbox.

  17. Nacion says:

    Whow, thats great! the NES hack plus play Durandal over an ipod.

    Here is a question do i have for my nano, can i twice its memory? too cool but too little mem.

  18. Pihun says:

    Radical, loco, pasao.
    2 thumbs up… way up…

  19. killkill says:

    holy shit, that IS the most original mod i’ve seen yet for the ipod. you are a king.

  20. Michael says:

    Thanks for the nice post!

  21. xevi says:

    guys, he is just running ipod linux on his ipod!
    just enter here http://ipodlinux.org/Main_Page to get full details!

    i have it installed on my ipod, and i have to say it is the best thing i could ever had done to it! i now have total control over it..


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  24. I got a hold of a clean, refurbished Original NES Controller from this site.

  25. brian coleman says:
  26. brian coleman says:
  27. afasfasdfdaf says:


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