Tripmate gps data logger

This one is fitting – I was just checking out Suunto’s sweet gps data logging watches today. [Steve Cholewiak] sent in his diy GPS data logger. It uses an old DeLorme tripmate – these were serial gps units that ran off of internal batteries. A PIC controller reads the NMEA sentences from the tripmate. Then it stores the track data to an EEPROM. The same serial connection is used to retrieve the data later on. [Steve] did a great job writing this up, the circuit is pretty simple and he’s provided all the information you need to build your own.

7 thoughts on “Tripmate gps data logger

  1. very cool, but the best thing he could think to do with it is log his runs?

    dont get me wrong, this definetly falls into the “applicable” category

  2. whoops- that’ll teach me to use angle brackets on the internet. my last comment should have read “the items on ebay are still under twenty dollars.” definitely a useful concept, for example replacing the long-abused journey loggers on long-haul commercial trucks. the other stuff on his site is interesting- quite why he electrocutes rum with a flyback i’m not sure, but hey- high voltage + flames = pretty

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