Syringe logic probe, revision 2

[Travis Goodspeed] has updated his syringe based logic probe that we covered earlier. Instead of soldering to the outside, he’s using silver wire shoved into the core of the needle. A nice side benefit is the safety cap now fits. Inside the syringe are two LEDs that indicate current direction. The sharp needle makes it a lot easier to hit small traces.


  1. Ali Raheem says:

    For want of anything particularly technical to say…
    That’s a leur lok’ing syringe :D

  2. djpszczol says:

    this site is great !
    keep on good job guys !

  3. djpszczol says:

    gonna send ya some stuff about my bluetooth-controled aquarium parameters pc metter some day

    sorry for double post.

  4. the_0racle213 says:

    coulnt say that this exatly fit in here… this place is suppose to have cool hacks.

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