Ubuntu released for MIDs

Ubuntu MID edition has been released for handheld Mobile Internet Devices. It’s targeting devices based on Intel’s A100/110 and the new Centrino Atom platforms. Successors to the UMPC, MIDs are usually small formfactor and have a touchscreen, plus a physical keyboard. UMPC portal has a examples of devices that are currently supported by this release, inluding plamtops like the Kohjinsha SH6. This release is only for x86 devices, so don’t expect it to be ported to the ARM based Nokia N800/810. The user interface is based on the Hildon framework and we’re glad people are attempting to think beyond a standard UI. We hope they plan on punching up the use of the color brown in the final though; it just wouldn’t be an Ubuntu release without it.

[via Linux Devices]


  1. Ptr says:

    Now if we can get this running on a Eee PC that has been moded with a touch screen.

  2. jojmoj says:

    … then we might as well all just get a 3g mobile. Nice idea but an eeepc has way more potntial as a micro laptop than an internet ‘appliance’ imho.

    interface looks sweet tho

  3. AngryPenguin says:

    I would really like to see this on a nokia 770. Nokia has abandoned my beloved device and sadly it crashes all the time with OS2006.

  4. Mike says:

    It’s compatible with x86 processors, so can it be run on any pc? I’ve read all over and it doesn’t even mention the idea. My thoughts are, if it can be customized well, it would be a great ‘lightweight’ platform for a carpc.

  5. Rupin says:

    Where is this release available for download..?any links that can be pointed to?

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