Tom’s RGB Mood Lamp

[Tom] has been refining a board that drives a high power RGB LED for applications like this moodlight. It’s based around an ATmega8 microcontroller. The goal was to make an RGB LED easy to work with: It can cycle between colors in standalone mode. You can control it via a serial interface. It also has a pin header to hooking up three potentiometers for manual color mixing. Boards aren’t available yet, but he’s already posted a build tutorial. The board looks straightforward enough that it shouldn’t be too hard to layout if you really want to.

6 thoughts on “Tom’s RGB Mood Lamp

  1. ATmega8 a bit overpowered for controlling 3 LEDs. It’s a cool hack, maybe I’ll build one using the smallest mcu I can (and use SMT…IMO there’s no point to using PDIP if you’re gonna go to the trouble of making your own PCB)

  2. I’m currently building something similar, but I use attinys. I simply use 3 Mosfets and 3 Resistors to limit the current (and waste some power…).
    I’m very interested how he has done that with a current limiting IC (lm317) and 3 small transistors, but i cant find the schematics :(

  3. wow, how did you guys hear about it. This whole project got started from a discussion on a forum thread ( Atmega8 is a bit of a overkill but thats the only avr’s I had at the time plus the extra pins allowed me to have a analog input for controlling the lights and uart connection for control from a pc.

    btw – a local electronics supplier here in South Africa started to sell them as a kit my my homemade pcb’s:

  4. how does this lamp sense one’s mood? isn’t that the whole point of a mood lamp? to sense one’s mood and depending on the mood its sensing it changes the colour? eg if you’re happy it turns yellow..

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