Creating web applications for the iPhone

[Dominiek ter Heid] wanted to prototype an application for the iPhone that incorporated GPS. He experimented, and came up with a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a web application that would push GPS information to his iPhone through the use of JavaScript and AJAX. This tutorial will save web hackers who want to play with the iPhone 3G a lot of grief. Using Cocoa Touch, and a CSS/JavaScript pack called IUI, he successfully created a web application that looks native to the iPhone and is able to grab GPS information. The application integrates the GoogleMaps API with the GeoNames database. We look forward to seeing the types of creative applications that this prototype will inspire. What sort of web application would you want to create for the iPhone?

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  1. kamu says:

    A web application that gives me a free iPhone. Oh and a telco that gives unlimited data for a decent price.

  2. lapubell says:

    i might use this to create a lowjack type system for the iphone. There are solutions out there for using technologies like twitter to show it’s location, but doing something similar but stored in a local database could be a little cleaner, and easier to backup.

  3. Do you know any good site where I can find tutorial for Developing my own GPS Application ??

    I appreciate if you send me any links

  4. soulplace says:

    [quote]and came up with a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a web application that would push gps information to his iphone through the use of javascript and ajax.[/quote]

    Wow! Where’s this tutorial? i need it!

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