MySpace cofounder Tom Anderson former hacker

MySpace users are very familiar with the visage of their first “friend” and MySpace cofounder [Tom Anderson], but did you ever wonder what he used to do before he became everyone’s friend? TechCrunch’s investigative reporting revealed that [Tom] was a hacker in the eighties who hacked into the Chase Manhattan Bank computer system, which attracted the attention of the FBI. Under the handle “Lord Flathead”, he became the leader of a black hat hacker group by the time he was fourteen. His activities (along with those of other hackers) led to one of the largest FBI raids in California history. Because he was a minor at the time, he was not arrested, but put on probation in exchange for an agreement to stop committing computer crimes. This definitely makes having [Tom Anderson] on your friends list just a bit more interesting, doesn’t it?

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  1. Jay says:

    don’t you see something there? Tom Anderson…Thomas A Anderson alias neo??? isn’t it the muse of the matrix itself we have as a friend??!

  2. joelanders says:

    Hey I’m friends with that guy!

    This is very interesting. I hope we get more info on this, or at least Tom could reply to my comments…

  3. joelanders says:

    Amazingly good find jay. That is spooky.

  4. Joshua says:

    He agreed to stop committing computer crimes… then he founds MySpace. Dude so belongs back in jail.

  5. michaelb says:

    Reminds me of the movie “Hackers” for some reason… “Hack the planet!”

  6. Yoplaboom says:

    what we know now is where the money came from to make myspace :D

  7. Spoofy says:

    im very suspicious of the matrix connection….

  8. Curtisbeef says:

    Tom is ZeroCool? OMGZ he LEET DOOD

  9. gotwake424 says:

    Dude i love that movie “hackers” lol

    yea it does, dang he was the head of a hacker group by the age of 14, he must have some real skill

  10. MechaD says:

    @michaelb: I second that. “hack the planet!”

  11. Agent Smith says:

    “As you can see, we’ve had our eye on you for some time now, Mr.Anderson.”

  12. Adam says:

    for a leet hacker you would think he could program a website better than a couple of poorly trained monkeys smashing on keyboards

  13. jfh says:

    i read somewhere once that toms pic wasnt of tom, it was actually some kid from toms school that got arrested for hacking.
    now we find that Tom IS a hacker.
    and rich, and made a lousy web site…. only in america

  14. acidburn says:

    as above – hack the planet……

    ….goes off to research the film

  15. m@! says:

    why hate on tom for creating myspace? sure, you can call him a “sellout” and talk about how the site is full of glitches and vulnerabilities, but, the fact of the matter is he came up with a good idea and marketed it correctly. now he’s rich. i’m sure each of you guys would pass up the opportunity to make triple-digit millions if given the opportunity right? ;)

  16. bacida says:

    but can he hack a gibson…?

  17. BRN says:

    for anyone who hasn’t seen Hackers ^^that,s another reference

  18. RJ says:

    He sure is a hacker! he hacked together the giant WTF that is MySpace. it is rumoured that those who have seen the source behind myspace have gone blind and those whose sight wasn’t affected went insane shortly after.

    if myspace is an example of his skill, he isn’t a hacker, but a skill-less hack.

  19. Jay says:

    I’ve seen myspace code and…ermh….*glitch*….aaah!

    Peanut butter jelly time…..

    ………oh yeah!

  20. Zork Zero says:

    I can’t believe that none of you cared to point out the obvious Zork Zero reference, I mean come on, it’s a great game that more people should play.

  21. Golddigger says:

    Wow, I might put Tom back in my “top 8″, just kidding. Seriously I hate chase bank so I Tommy Boy stuck it to them. By the way, good pick up on the matrix tip.

  22. Typhoid Mary says:

    “[Tom] was a hacker in the eighties”

    Who wasn’t?

  23. silic0re says:

    what is this now, the tabloids?

  24. someone says:

    Anyone else notice the Picture is dated back to 2007′ last time he logged in? Idk, but if i was tom a founder of myspace i think id be loged in everyday, or this news story is a little fishy?

    =O If you add him to your friends and comment all his photo’s you can jump into the matrix.

  25. Ken says:


  26. Jason says:

    suddenly it makes sense why myspace gets hacked so often. another interesting blast from the past is a site called hackaday where hackers from round the world came to see what awesome hacks people had done. it seems that site is dead now and has been replaced with a lame news and useless fact site.

  27. threepointone says:

    never used myspace–it was pretty clear to me the way the whole thing was designed so badly that tom must of been one of those retarted script kiddies. . .

    hate that site.

  28. ford says:


    I am a hacker. I can get you a yahoo, aol, hotmail,myspace faceobook..etc password. Once I have the password, I will show you proof I have it. I will take snapshots of the account or even message you from the account. I do charge a fee per password though.

    Are you interested? Email me at

  29. FBI says:

    got a real black hat there does that mean you get free aol ford?

  30. hmmmm…it would be awesome if the movie “Hackers” was based on the true story of Tom Anderson, but covered up.

  31. maya says:

    can you check,why n who have to hack my profile in myspace??

  32. Babe says:

    Wow he’s realy smart. Im 14 right now. He almost got arrested? Wow that’s just so sick.

  33. ford says:

    Hi. EMAIL ME!!! I’m hacker. Can get you a myspace, facebook,yahoo,msn/hotmail, gmail, aol…etc password. I do charge money though,but will show proof i have it. Are you interested? please email me at (I was formly known as fordf202006 on yahoo but my account was deleted)

  34. Who knows where all of this is going now that Mike Arrington sold Techcrunch, where will the rest of us go?

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