iPhone controlled R/C car

Is controlling an R/C car with its own remote too mundane for you? Do you feel the need to involve a web server and an iPhone in the process? This project might just be perfect for you. By connecting the R/C controller to a microcontroller board, and feeding it signals via a website from your iPhone, you can control the car as if you had the original controller in your hand. In case you missed it, he’s lugging a laptop, a circuit board, and the original controller along with him. They do make a few improvements though, such as speed control by using pulse width modulation. I guess that makes up for having to lug the computer around too.

[thanks Humberto]


  1. blackspyder says:

    Need this to complete my Doctor Horrible costume for Halloween. Muahahahaa.

  2. _Matt says:

    Needs more Rube Goldberg.

  3. jose says:

    I’m sure this violates the EULA somehow….

  4. ninethcircle says:

    so that looks like a stupid control setup, i bet the original controller worked better. this would have been a much better/more useful project if you used a motherboard with an arm processor, wifi, and usb to control the car and it also had a webcam you can view…or even better use a cell phone instead of wifi so it can be run completely remotely =)

  5. EvilSpaceAli says:

    Aha. Tommorrow never dies!!

  6. phogster says:

    would be cooler if he used the accelerometer to steer the iphone like a steering wheel, with push forward to speed up, pull back to stop (like an airplane’s yoke).

  7. Thileepan says:

    send the full detail abt this project

  8. kurf says:

    Well, where is the app in apple’s app store?

  9. eew says:

    ahh meee my ppee ppeee in mye panstyss

  10. biojae says:

    @ninethcircle I totally agree, an arduino with a battery, wifi shield, and a proto shield would eliminate the laptop, and have it be compact to.

  11. Will Gittoes says:

    That’s very impressive, but GOD that video was painful. So pretentious!

  12. Curtisbeef says:

    Haha i have the same RC car i got it to mess with my cat. Cost like 10 dollars at wallgreens.

  13. I think that we already did something like this on my podcast a while ago:


  14. schnapps says:

    [jose] is right, I’m pretty sure this was explicitly outlawed in the SDK agreement- there’s no way you’ll see it in the app store, in fact it might even trigger the ‘kill switch’ if Apple can be bothered…

  15. poopysock5 says:

    now if i could just use my treo’s ir port to change channels on my tv…..

  16. anthony says:

    wow you took that all aroud boston didn’t you =)

  17. trapezoid says:

    @ poopysock, try novii remote for palmOS

  18. luke says:

    cheers to blackspyder.

    this is pure dr horrible tribute. just needs a big chrome cylinder on the car roof

  19. PKM says:

    In 1966 Star trek had communicators, and 30 years later we had flip mobile phones. in 1997 tomorrow never dies had a device similar to this, which is a reality 11 years later. are the gadgets we see in todays sci-fi films going to be must-have christmas presents in 2010? maybe by then we’ll all have repraps, so the DVD extras will include the files to 3d print your own version of the hero’s gadgetry?

  20. luke says:

    i dont think so pkm. were still waiting on the lightsabers, afterall. (not to mention sufficient AI)

  21. Wow that video was pretty mundane. I love technology but wouldn’t have been simpler to just buy a rc car instead of lugging around a laptop. I guess when new inventions are evolving, you must sacrifice.

  22. I certainly think its essential to keep one self upto date

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