UT Austin’s massive tile display


The Texas Advanced Computing Center has built one of the largest tiled displays ever. They arranged 75 30inch Dell displays in a 5×15 pattern. The overall the system has 36GB of graphics memory and 108GB of system memory. They intend on using the system to display very large data sets. If you think the size seems arbitrary, it is. They just happened to purchase five more monitors than the University of California San Diego.

[via Engadget]


  1. deoryp says:

    shoot… i only have 68

  2. pascal says:

    now remove the bezels :D

  3. now wouldnt stringing multiple projectors together (like jonny lee’s hack?) produce a more seamless and impressive image?

  4. J-L Prickhard says:


    Seriously, good money plowed into some harebrained scheme of dubious scholarship.

  5. Ryan says:

    All that work and they kept the frames on the monitors? They should’ve taken those off at least…

  6. kyle says:

    …epic isnt epic enough a workd

  7. kyle says:


  8. ttrickyy says:

    @3- yes, it is more seamless (i have seen it done, it’s very cool looking, especially since the screens can rotate in and almost envelop you- see Anadarko Petroleum’s IDEA Lab : http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/stories/2002/01/14/newscolumn1.html gives some good background, i can’t find a pic.) The technology is rather impressive, including the price (it wasn’t done cheaply, let’s say), especially considering that they have IR-triggered electronic glasses for people to wear in order to make the screen 3D, I forget what the actual technology is called.

    The problem that having projectors (and the thing I believe UT was trying to overcome) is the severely limited resolution that projectors can provide that monitors can.

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