How-to: Fix your stupid internet


Dear Hack a Day,
Websites keep publishing poorly executed jokes today; how can I fix this?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions on the tip line like the one above, so we put together this one-step illustrated how-to. If you’re not the physical labor type, you can use [Steve Lambert]‘s SelfControl.

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  1. Moat says:

    Worked great! Wait.. how am I posting this?

  2. Drumm'age says:

    Yes, I’m Sure i Will Definitely Decide To Unplug Something Which Seems to Link to Important xD.
    i Reckon The Best Thing to do, Is Read Comments On Something first

  3. If you use wifi, turn on this device to disconnect teh internets.

  4. Dustin says:

    I repeated the steps mentioned above with 5 server racks and now customers are complaining that they cannot reach their email.

    thanks hackaday, you just lost me a job.

  5. thwtwiz says:

    the tags had me laughing harder than the actual post.

    @dustin: so what you’re saying is that your former company is hiring, and their criteria is pretty low. where do i send my resume?

  6. Wolf says:

    It took a little effort, but I completed this tutorial and it was totally worth it. This project allowed me to check out this this great app I just heard of (i’m pretty sure it’s googles latest product). It’s sort of like street view, but with great freedom of movement, and chat system sort of like skype, but with tons of emotes. If you don’t have a mount it does take forever get around and the mods can be total dicks sometimes, but it’s till pretty awesome, you guys should check it out.

  7. Spork says:

    I’m seriously considering making the relaxation game.

    Tanks hackaday.

  8. Spork says:

    I’m seriously considering making the relaxation game.

    Thanks hackaday.

  9. medix says:

    maybe I could just turn my eyes off

    that’s possible, right?

  10. Loren says:

    Then cut the end off, if you want to make it permanent

  11. dustin says:

    @ loren

    I regret to inform you but i have done just this and it does indeed make it permanent, however, my toilet began to overflow because the internets tubes got backed up and it.

  12. joe says:

    $ sudo ifconfig int0 down

  13. Louis II says:

    They should just rename April Fool’s to “internet black hole” day.

  14. d35i9n says:

    Internet Navigator by google

  15. punmaster says:

    I was prepared! All I had to do was press the *stop* button on my Internet Traffic Cop (

  16. strider_mt2k says:

    Maybe if we just hacked together a big tissue for all the crybabies it would be better.

    So much crying yesterday about 0401 you;d think it was something important.

    but it wasn’t

  17. Mike says:

    I was really in need of the self control program when I first Civilization came out. Had a few games interrupted by the alarm clock going off telling me it was time to go to work. Problem is that if you install it, you can also disable it.

  18. samburton says:

    I hate hackers. Someone hack my fiances xbox live account and got his account number and took all his money out the bank. He dot it back though. I HATE HACKERS.

  19. jamie riddles says:

    lol @ the tag “omgponies”

  20. Spork says:

    You are obviously not the most educated on the subject, perhaps a bit of research before you judge would do you some good.

    Had you followed the tutorial above, your fiance would not have had that problem.

  21. quarkore says:

    maybe a good idea, I’ll plug it into my nose :D

  22. nogizaka says:

    I got…fooled T_T;

  23. xpectmore says:

    Gosh Man…. I was not getting this at first. Ha Da.. Got me. But I was afraid of the problem happening. Something weird did happen but I think I got it taken care of.

    Guess what..I did not unplug it. I worked all day on it. Great blog.

  24. Maj says:

    This is for Macintosh.

    Is there a version for computers?

  25. HI EliotWow…. I really enjoyed reading this article……… I m very impressed with your work. One thing I can say is that this blog is one of the best I’ve read till date…….. Keep up the good work…..

  26. magicwandcompany says:

    Keep it simple stupid. What was I thinking.

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