Wii controlled segway style NXT bot

When [Epokh] sent in this Wii controlled segway style bot, we remembered a post a few months ago where someone made a balancing bot, but hadn’t completed the Wii code. Well, [Epokh] is going to show you how to implement the Wii controls with the Lego NXT system. He’s found the links to all the software you need and broken down the configuration step by step. He’s been busy lately, let’s hope he keeps it up.


  1. wrrj says:

    FIRST -.-


  2. Marine says:

    omg its a little johnny five =D

  3. tikka says:


    that’s what i was thinking too :o

    A dead one too after that impact :(

  4. sonoshi says:

    i hear nana lol thas cool what cant the wiimote do

  5. trimzulu says:

    lol at the fall

  6. Squeakyneb says:

    I gotta get the Mindstorms NXT

  7. Princessb89 says:

    Just mount a pellet gun on that guy and you have yourself a fine personal war machine

  8. Andy k says:

    That’s pretty cool, wonder if this is possible with a ps3 controller, those use a bluetooth too.

  9. Wii Hacker says:

    That is awesome. I think a PS3 controller would work too, just be a bit different.

  10. Nintendo Guy says:

    This is a pretty cool hack, I have tried something similar to this, but it was mostly just a modified version of an iDog.

  11. The modified version of iDog would be this. I like the hack, but it’s not original.

  12. JJ says:

    Now this device is crazy

  13. t5hat is one of the funnest hack I have seen. I am going to try it but I already know I am going to fail :(

  14. Has anyone managed it with the PS3 controller yet?

  15. louis says:

    Now this device is crazy OMG

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