Ugobe Files For Bankruptcy


Ugobe has officially filed bankruptcy. This is bad news for Pleo. That lovable little dino bot is no longer being produced. If you’ve got one you might want to refrain from hacking, just in case it’s worth something one day. As the point out at Engadget, another toy company might buy up the rights, but we doubt it.  At roughly $250 per unit, these things probably weren’t flying off the shelves.

16 thoughts on “Ugobe Files For Bankruptcy

  1. they should have scaled back the design of the internals to the point it could have been sold for less than $100. for a childs toy it was overkill and way too complicated mechanically.

    I’m sure their bankruptcy comes as a shock to no one. $250 for a child’s toy was a risky bet. especially one that quite frankly, looked stupid. the skin needed some design work.

  2. fyrebug, there are some videos of the prototypes of Pleo on YouTube, the skin looks much more realistic, I dislike the cartoonish paint job that they eventually settled on – it makes it look more like a young child’s toy than a miniature replica dinosaur.

    I’d like to get a Pleo for $100 here in the UK but the prices are still too high and the exchange rate sucks so importing wouldn’t save much with the import tax they’re much more likely to tag on what with the ‘credit crunch’

    Bloody rip-off Britain.

  3. ya just ordered one on amazon for 100$ after seeing the xbee hack linked in the article

    collectible or not, think of how much fun you’ll have hacking it vs. how much fun you’d have with the money you wont get with it sitting on a shelf :]

  4. fyrebug, from what I recall of a Wired article on Ugobe, the Pleo’s internals were pretty much scaled to a minimum that stilled allowed realistic movement. Any less and they may as well have just produced the Dino-Chi.

    Pleo made few compromises, and unfortunately priced itself into a spot with few customers.

  5. I was fortunate enough to see the workshop where pleo was designed and built. the (admittedly ugly) green skin was not the only one, I’ve personally seen a few prototypes that looked good, one was orange, I think I remember a purple one and I’ve heard of but not seen furry pleos.

    this was circa 2007.

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