Laser overkill, iPhone style


Ever wanted a projector for your iPhone? How about a laser projector? These guys did, they made one using an individual laser for each pixel. They have a 5×7 grid to work with, so they have to keep it simple. Well, as simple as it gets with 35 lasers. We think maybe a scanning POV style projector might be more efficient.


  1. andre says:

    hehe, neat. maybe another hack might be to use ps3 diodes (they are pretty cheap now) and have multiple colours and shades.

    someone suggested that it might be possible to use a blue laser to get green by back illuminating some ZnS GITD material embedded in glass with infared and blue, resulting in “quenching” and green laser emission… in theory. then you’d have full colour with a single unit.

  2. bort says:

    er, you think, caleb?

  3. Skyler Orlando says:

    It might be more efficient. It would almost certainly be more cost-effective for higher density projection.

  4. Ryan says:

    I would consider this a relatively poor design since 35 lasers has far surpassed the point where a basic scanner would have been cheaper, smaller, and far higher resolution.

    As well as that, spending 6$*35 on lasers is borderline insane considering you can get the same model from deal extreme for around two dollars and these (which are identically speced) for 0.98$ (10+) including shipping.

    Congrats on wasting your money on a wasteful design.

  5. Snarky Noob says:

    Wonder when I can use those to burn through metal? Probably when the iPhone batteries last for a week straight (read: never.)

  6. Taylor says:

    Wow! Way to take something potentially interesting (laser projector) and turn it into a really boring way to turn on 35 switches! WOW!

  7. fartface says:

    Scanning POV is not good for Virtual Grafitti.

    This unit can deface the front of a building far more efficient. Scrolling “Anarchy now” or “If you use microsoft you’re a weenie” on the 5th story of a high rise is far more visible with this unit than a scanning one.

    I’d personally use 15mw Green lasers to make it insanely visible. What the point of tagging a building when most people cant even see it.

  8. bort says:

    “What the point of tagging a building”

    i’ll stop you there.

  9. Taylor Alexander says:


    How do you define efficient?

    You seem to be talking about efficient visibility, saying that 35 15milliwatt dots are more visible than one scanning one, but you forget that for the cost of 35 15milliwatt lasers, you can buy one *much* much brighter laser, so you should really be comparing 35 15milliwatt lasers with one 500milliwatt laser (which is still $500 cheaper than 35 15milliwatt lasers, using real prices from wickedlasers), which is actually 33 times brighter than a 15milliwatt laser, which should be *much* more visible.

    Think about the whole picture.

  10. markps2 says:

    I think it is great!

  11. therian says:

    another proof that iphone owners are waistfull

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