Communication Anachronism


There aren’t many details, or really any at all here. This was just too fun not to post. Here are two cans  strung together, just like when you were a kid. However, when you talk into one the sound is then converted and transmitted to the other via fiber optic cable. Looking at the pictures, it seems that it is only one way though.


  1. Dim says:

    just a picture?

  2. Alchemyguy says:

    “There aren’t many details, or really any at all here” I’d point your question at the fellow that built it…

  3. mica says:

    Sweet …

  4. dirk says:

    That could pretty easily be made two way.

    frankly though I would approach it with a different transmission medium. It might have been built as a project specifically to work with fiber optics though.

  5. Audin says:

    I’d like to see it using string and piezo transducers…

  6. josh says:

    Not much of an article there. But, it does kind of force a person to consider ways to implement the project to their liking.

  7. tim says:

    Pretty sure that was built with the Elenco FO30k fiber optic kit:

  8. supershwa says:

    makes me want to take a couple of walkie-talkies apart and put the guts in a can…

    no not really.

    krafty “shoe phone” caleb is at it again.

  9. Kevin Rouviere says:

    Tim, You are correct about the kit. Thanks for posting the link to it! I have added a few more details to the flickr page for this fun little project. -Kevin

  10. Bill Hates says:

    dunnit audin.. I used 160lb mono filiment line… audible about 600′ using a cheap “spyear” toy for a micpre/headphone amp…. next i am trying to push data through it using a coupler and a 56k modem…

  11. hogiewan says:

    A piezo for both mic and speaker and some sort of wireless connection would be sweet

  12. captain says:

    How retro!

    Old school telephones are finally back in style!

  13. googfan says:

    I built something like this using carbon microphones and high impediance speakers. each person had a pair of cans, one to talk into and one to har out of. each pair also had a button and a buzzer. It used 2 pair telephone wire. Black was common ground for everything and the yellow wire was mic out (in [+12v] was the red wire). Speakers were connected to ground and mic out. the button was connected to the red wire and the green wire (ring). the buzzer was connected to ring and ground.

    sooo.. each pair of cans had 4 wires coming out.
    red—- +12v
    black– ground
    yellow- mic out (audio)
    green– Ring

    infinate “phones” could be conected in parralell, and every phone heard what was spoken into any other phone; any phone could ring all phones, thus creating a complete intercom

    all made from shit people threw out. battery included.

  14. googfan says:

    forgot to mention, it was still usable after 950 feet of wire between fones.

  15. rundata says:

    he didnt “build” anything.
    he just stuck a purchased project into the end of a can :/

  16. sharonthx1138 says:

    LOL rundata……… this “hack” is wiggy wiggy wack!!!!!!!

  17. Bob Dole says:

    Yep, rundata is right… I built the same kit (minus the cans) about 6 years ago in high school! I still have it in my desk drawer. It’s a simple project that takes about 30 minutes to solder together, then the dude stuck it in a soup can to be cool.

  18. krouviere says:

    Yes ppl, your observations about this being based on the kit are correct, which is CLEARLY STATED if you go look at the link.
    I had the idea for months, then saw the kit, which provided a convenient way to show the fun concept. Saved me time and achieved the objective, for fun! Submitting to hackaday was an afterthought. I’m glad most people see the entertainment value here!

  19. krouviere says:

    Also nice to hear about other ppls similar projects and ideas!

  20. Aaron says:

    Multiple User Wireless Method –
    Take 2 Cans, or paper/plastic cups, purchase some walkie-talkies.

    Place the walkie-talkies in each cup or can, then secure the walkie talkie into the cup using padding of some sort. Cut a small hole in the cup or can where the Push To Talk (Transmit) button is, and you’re all set.

    You can now communicate through cans, wirelessly, and with multiple friends.

  21. Nice post looking forward for more articles here.Keep posting all the best Caleb

  22. GAGE says:

    well all you would have to do is run the speaker to two different amps, and use the speaker as a mic,,, maybe have a mom. switch to go back and forth between the op amps.

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