SpiderBot prompts laser envy

[Daniel's] horrifying hexapod makes us wish we were sitting next to a laser cutter. The parts are cut from 4.9mm plywood and include laser-sculpted sections to allow the twenty servos to properly seat in their mounting spaces. We would suggest that you build it in secret so as not to ruin the surprise when your house mates come home to find this romping around their room.

Sadly, we couldn’t find video of this in action but go look at this other hexapod if the still shots aren’t good enough. Adding two legs to the party, you behold the video after the break of the 8-legged spider milled from ABS.


  1. Ned says:

    Another hexapod that’s had a fair amount of development is the Chiara, made at CMU.


  2. blizzarddemon says:

    That thing is pretty slick.

  3. mowcius says:

    i got access to a laser cutter but it’s the 20 servos that I would have a problem with!


  4. outroot says:

    I wish these things moved around better. I love hexapods, but I wouldn’t be able to stand the slow movement speed.

  5. PsyKotyk says:

    A hexapod robot is a mechanical vehicle that walks on *six* legs.



  6. vu says:

    daniel built this (partly?) at metalab vienna.

    gif of openscad model:

  7. RoboGuy says:


    They refferred to the first one as SpiderBot and it only has 6 legs, wheras spiders have 8…

    …ahhh who cares. Just words, ya know?

  8. mind says:

    wow – what a cool surprise ^^
    thanx guys

  9. nimitzbrood says:

    Very cool!

    My favorite manmade spider is still this one:

    (The spider car built by some guys in Canada a couple of years ago.)

  10. Shadyman says:

    I would totally go for one cut out of aluminum or other lightweight metal :D

  11. Jim Foster says:

    Lots of hexapods featured these days… Mine’s not too bad either –


    – and I used an old fashioned milling machine and lath to make this one… Although a water jet or laser would have been nice.

  12. Jim Foster says:

    sorry, lathe…

  13. Chris says:

    That is probably the scariest thing I have ever seen on the internet…

    I wish I was sitting next to a laser cutter so I could zap it’s legs off and watch it twitch. Jesus.

    Cool though.

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