Open source logic analyzer software

[Christian Weichel] has been hard at work developing LogicAnalyzer, an open source tool that may interest you. It is designed with SUMP Logic Analyzers in mind but a main goal is expandability. What this means is that it plays nicely with things like the Open Workbench Logic Sniffer or you can do a bit of fiddling to get it to work with your own designs. The program is based on Eclipse so you should be familiar with how it works and you can get it running easily on multiple platforms. Take a look at the wiki for a quick start.


  1. biozz says:

    can it transmit also?

  2. Christian says:

    That depends on your hardware. Since the SUMP devices you see around do not support this feature (unlike the Bus Pirate) it’s not implemented. But it shouldn’t be too hard to write a sink which does just that.

  3. r_d says:

    Perfect timing.
    My OpenBench Logic Sniffer just arrived yesterday and I’ve been a little disappointed with the default software.
    The UI doesn’t seem to want to cooperate at all with Awesome window manager, though.

  4. charliex says:

    this is relevant to my interests

  5. biozz says:

    my hardware does i just need to know if the software supports it

  6. bobtheknob says:

    It needs to be paired with a good homebrew USB probe that can handle high frequency. I’ll try to make one if I ever get time -.-

  7. wulfman says:

    its cool but i bought an awesome HP Logic Analyzer on ebay fully functioning for 100 bux. way cool software project though

  8. I had a logic analyzer once. I showed it to my wife and it melted down into slag.

  9. pascal says:

    Great. The old SUMP-Software is horrible, I was planning to write my own, glad I won’t have to, now (well, maybe the new one will be horrible, too.)

  10. Drone says:

    Eclipse – eeeeeyyyywwwww. Eclispse RCP – double eeeeeyyyywwwww.

  11. robokoi says:

    If you want a good logic analizer, check out

  12. MoJo says:

    It seems like they spent more time on the web site than on the actual software.

    Seriously, this is pre-pre-pre-alpha level stuff. You could implement it in Excel with a macro. There are no analysers, no data management or processing tools, no useful APIs…

    Let us know when we can do something useful with it. At the moment it’s just vapourware.

  13. Steve says:

    @robokoi – Nice product, but why is there no hardware schematics and not even a pic of the interior of this little device available ? One is depending entirely on those Salae guys for new features or software updates, as nothing of it is open source. If your little start-up should go bankrupt some day, one has spent 150 bucks for nothing.

  14. Hoal says:

    See for another open source logic analyzer software that supports various logic analyzer hardware products. This one too is at a development stage up to now.

  15. @Steve

    That would be because unlike the SUMP analyzers, the Saleae Logic isn’t open source. Heck, I’m pretty sure even their software isn’t. :(

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