Super simple gaming controller for Android or iPhone

If you’ve got an iPhone or Android device that you use with a Wii remote when gaming, this quick hack will give you the third hand you need to manage all of that hardware. [Syanni85] mounted his Android phone to a Wii wheel for just a few dollars in parts. He ran across the wheel itself at the dollar store, and the phone is held in place using a universal mounting bracket. A small square pad sticks onto the back of any device and mates with a base. He cut off the unnecessary parts of the base and glued it to the back of the wheel.

If you haven’t tried using a Wii remote with your phone yet, find out how to do it with iPhone or with Android.


  1. pod says:

    I have to admit this is a pretty smart idea

  2. biozz says:

    would go great with the nes emulator :D

  3. Brad Hein says:

    I like it!

  4. Chad B says:


  5. diego says:

    eheheh nice! KISS rulez :)

  6. Darkrocker says:

    Simple, cheap, looks great and should work great to. Probably not a hack but definitely a cool mod that’s worth the effort :)

  7. JohnSmith says:

    Simple, cheap, looks good and is very much a hack. The wheel was certainly never intended for this. What more is required for something to qualify as a hack?

  8. Errorist says:

    How can you play NBA Jam without a turbo button?

  9. Nicko01 says:

    This definitely qualifies as a hack. Earlier today I found out how to use a Wii remote as a controller for PSX4Droid and I was thinking about something like this.
    I’m sure you can get these Wii wheels used for cheap.

  10. Syanni85 says:

    The back trigger on the wiimote is set to turbo… So NBA Jam is EPIC and super easy to play!

  11. japkin says:

    The link in your iPhone+Wiimote story is dead. Anyone know where to find the tutorial?

  12. Syanni85 says:

    Link still works for me..

    But here you go:

  13. Syanni85 says:

    Oops, i link my thread at ppcgeeks. Sorry, i can’t seem to find anything even with google

  14. vonskippy says:

    And think of how impressed your boss and co-workers will be when you pull that out of your briefcase at your next management meeting.

  15. japkin says:

    Sorry, I meant the links in this story were broken:

    I’ll do some searching if no one else knows. Thanks.

  16. Jim Foster says:

    Wow, simple but pretty awesome. very nice.

  17. mostlymac says:

    Now if you could only get that Wiimote speaker to pipe out the sound… then you could have some pseudo-surround sound.

    Course, I’ve never actually gotten the whole Wiimote+iDevice thing working, so maybe the speaker does work and I’m just out of the loop. Regardless, I love this little “hack” :) Great answer to the lack of physical buttons on the iPhone.

  18. strider_mt2k says:

    damn damn damn
    i920 Omnia 2 winning winmo6.5

    The thing would look so great running this way, but it’s the lame duck winmo dragging me back again.

    Next phone-Android.

  19. MustangJohn says:

    I was playing an online fps on my iPhone and the controls were difficult to use, so I was wondering if there was a way to connect my ps3 controller to my iPod. I searched around but all I could find was the wii remote, and i wanted to use sticks instead of tilt. Anyone know if this would work?

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