Graphic Calculator As A Spectrum Analyzer

[Michael Vincent] turned his TI-84 Plus into a spectrum analyzer. By running some assembly code on the device the link port can be used as an I2C bus (something we’ll have to keep in mind). After being inspired by the cell phone spectrum analyzer he set out to build a module compatible with the calculator by using an I2C port expander to interface with a radio receiver module. Now he can sniff out signals between 2.400 and 2.495 GHz and display the finds like in the image above.

[Thanks Cecil]

9 thoughts on “Graphic Calculator As A Spectrum Analyzer

  1. I looked at his documentation and the little bit of source and it seems that TI calcs interface is a basic Hi-Z interface.

    In other words it is a shared bus where any device can pull a line low. Both bits of the port are read/write so a simple bit banged I2C interface to flash, D/A, Temp or other devices is quite simple.

    Maybe a level shifter or buffer just in case as I have no idea on the sink levels or how the pull up’s are set up.

    All in all a great hack that can be widely expanded.


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