Bluetooth multimedia remote

[Mathieu] spent three months developing this multimedia remote control. It connects to a PC via USB or Bluetooth and communicates with Winamp to pull down track information for display on a Nokia LCD screen. It can also be used as a wireless headset via the two on-board jacks. [Mettieu] thinks it’s just a small hop away from working as a Skype client if you take the time to write a plugin for that API.

17 thoughts on “Bluetooth multimedia remote

  1. not bad, yeah could be used for other stuff

    i always thought winamp should have made their own mp3 player (i mean like an ipod/zune/etc..)

  2. Winamp has WWWWinamp application that allows you to control winamp on any browser. So all you need is a web enabled phone and you are in business.

    if you are using iTunes, you can use Remote application to control your music from your iPhone.

    I like the fact that you can attach your headphones to it, but I rather use my phone instead of carrying purpose build tool with me.

  3. Why is it that so many awesome hacks look like crap?
    Its not just this one, the plasticbottle recycling looked crappy too.
    Is it too much to put a milling bit in your drill press and mill out the casing properly?

  4. “looks like shit”
    Oh osgeld, you are so discrete :p

    The case could so with a major revamp but the idea and interface looks great. Must have been a lot of work.

  5. Hey Guys,

    Unfortunately i had only one week to make the casing, that’s why it was not really well finished… and yes it is 2 years old!
    Thanks for your comments anyway :)
    Have a look at my blog, and there are plenty of other projects that might interest you

  6. only winamp and skype? Why not vlc? Why not firefox ? Why not youtube via a firefox plugin? A status indicator?(tempterature, battery) a mail notifier? in short, this could be a remote “status bar” of the computer.

  7. I like this build :) Well thought out and well executed (Tho the case does need work)…

    Osgeld : Deep, insightful, well thought out comments abound.

    nnx : Is someone forcing you to spend money on that? Who cares how it works as long as it works and the maker is happy with it.

  8. Yeah Osgeld, try to be more continuous next time.

    Cool project though, despite the poor choice of image to show it off. (I’d imagine he’s managed a better looking case by now.)

  9. Great post and a solid project. It seems like it can have many uses, and Bluetooth is always better than that IR stuff.

  10. Osgeld, totally agree with you. A dog-ass ugly visual (for me at least) implies the quality of the rest of the guts. (i.e. coding practices, etc)

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