Assassin’s Creed blades make us wince

[TheBserk] made himself a set of auto-locking and auto-retracting hidden blades inspired by those in the game Assassin’s Creed. As you can see in the demo (and build guides) after the break, they work really well. We don’t like the idea of sharpened metal ramming its way past our wrists. But it’s not the first time we’ve seen dangerous arm-mounted hacks.

Reminiscent of Taxi Driver, [TheBserk] uses drawer slides from the local home store for his build. They are cut to length, and modified using springs for the automatic action. There is a lock to keep the blade extended, and a pull-wire to actuate it. Although dangerous, the build is well done. We think someone has mechanical engineering in his future, and possibly a trip to the emergency room.

The demonstration

Build guide part 1

Build guide part 2

[Thanks Kentaro]


  1. MrBunker says:

    “We think someone has mechanical engineering
    in his future, and possibly a trip to the emergency

    you forgot to include “jail cell” (in most
    jurisdictions this would be treated more
    seriously than a simple hunting knife on
    your belt – since this is “tactically” as
    in the game – an ‘assasins’ device vs. a
    defensive weapon). It probably won’t help
    you on a one on encounter with a knife
    fighting artist (and there are some real
    bad-azz dudes out there who expect to get
    cut but have the mental focus to destroy
    their opponent). they are not game boy
    geeks sitting in mommy’s basement.

    what next ? how to act ghetto and where
    to hide your crack stash so the po-po won’t
    find it ?

    geeez, HAD is really slumming it eh ?

  2. Max says:

    I’m not very happy with you guys supporting weapon hacks like this one. It’s one thing to build paintball sentrie guns and small-scale flame throwers. But this thing is a real deadly and hidden weapon. And here you go with letting everybody know how to build one.
    In my honest opinion this is not cool, this is wrong!

  3. Tom says:

    Reminds me of Taxi Driver

  4. diago says:

    Clever, but WTF?

  5. aleki says:

    Isnt that how altaiir lost his ring finger?. That kid had better be careful

  6. BIOS says:

    The whole time I watched the first vid I was waiting for it to take off a finger! Cool device.

  7. Wolf says:

    Very cool. I’ve been thinking of building one of these ever since I saw the ac trailer:

  8. moep says:

    Dude, get yourself a tshirt (tutorial videos)

  9. Decepticon says:

    Can’t wait to see the news report of one of these being caught on a kid in a school.

  10. ENKI-][ says:

    Would this be illegal to transport over state lines in the US (as switchblades are)?

  11. Chuckt says:

    My city has a law against carrying concealed weapons and that is why people carry their knives in a holster on their hip.

  12. holy crap man!

  13. Ian says:

    Wow… yea really clever. Neat gadget. Blunt/Rubber ended one would make a great addition to a Halloween costume for sure.

  14. Hacksaw says:

    The jail cell was mentioned but they forgot the Federal weapons charge…

  15. chuckt says:

    Some cities might consider the length illegal (like carrying a sword) and there is one knife in my city which is illegal because knives that are spring loaded are illegal where I’ve lived.

    There are also laws against brandishing (wave or show) a weapon.

  16. Bill says:

    Chill guys, it’s Halloween month.

  17. Gdogg says:

    Holy crap guys chill out. He figured out how to make it, and it’s really cool.

    I don’t think he’ll be carrying it around. I agree on the rubber tip or whatever for a halloween costume though.

  18. Stan says:

    Chill guys, it’s Halloween month.

    Posted at 6:28 am on Oct 14th, 2010 by Bill

    Finally someone in the comments gets why this was made. Does the dude really seem like that much of a badass, or are all of you just thinking outloud when you are blabbering on about state laws?

  19. PiggySpam says:

    @Max I dont think there is anything wrong with showing this hack. If people want to hurt people and conceal weapons they will… they aren’t going to go to all the trouble of building something like this. After all this video is from America…land of buying guns over the counter… and when its a 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms, I think DIY knives are the least of the problems…

  20. Eirinn says:

    Where i’m from it’s extremely illegal to possess and even own concealed weapons – a qualified guess would be 1-2 years in prison for owning one.

    With that said, awesome contraption! Just ditch the sharpened blade and replace it by something softer and bendable. Almost just as cool and totally legal.

  21. rasz says:

    Blunt/Rubber yes
    real metal blade a big no no

  22. dcj2 says:

    am i the only one thinking we’ll see this kid on the news someday, and not in a good way?

  23. PartyCentral says:

    This would be a great costume, the police are way to sensitive nowendays! With their tazers and pepper spray, and guns!

  24. Sci says:

    @aleki Actually if I recall correctly he was just TOLD he’d have to loose his ring finger, but it didn’t actually happen. Just a test to ensure he was really willing to commit to life as an assassin.

    To be fair on the kid, if you’ve already got the dremel sitting there, you’re going to take the easy route and just cut the runner to a pointy shape. It may be sharp, but a single bulldog-clip isn’t going to give it enough locking force to penetrate. Unless I missed it in the videos, it’s not even properly sharpened, just de-burred.
    But yes, his next stage should be replacing the end with a plastic blade.

  25. Buzzkill says:

    It will be fine until they say “drop your weapon”. That will become his “uh-oh” moment, and depending on his reaction, possibly his last.

  26. mad_max says:

    Oh come one, he just cut it to a point. It’s not like he sharpened it and is threatening his classmates. Yeah, he was playing around with it acting like a badass, but who wouldn’t? It was a cool idea, and he figured out a really simple way to build it. Props to this kid.

  27. The Moogle says:

    wow… I wonder what state he is in? All it would take is one neighbor seeing him through a window in his house and calling the cops and it’s “federal pound me in the ass prison” time

  28. bluewraith says:

    Kipkay did a nearly identical setup, only instead of a knife it was one of those dinky toothbrushes.

  29. djrussell says:

    @buzzkill: totally reminds me of the xmen movie where the cop tells wolverine to drop his knives and shoots him in the head when he can’t.

  30. Shield says:

    Wow a lot of douchebags on here.

  31. Chuckt says:

    Why didn’t I get it? I usually go down to the local costume store and they usually give me real blades for Halloween.

  32. I’m not really sure why everyone is so upset. I saw no malicious intent on the part of the kid in the video. And as for HAD “slumming it”? Seriously? It’s not your site, they can post and link to whatever they like. And if you’re insinuating that the post is in poor taste, then stop reading the blog. The site is called HACK a Day! This kid made a pretty clever hack, sure it’s dangerous but so are a lot of the posts on here. I’m sure a lot of people who read this blog also read 2600 or PHRACK, the information they put out can certainly be used to do bad things but that doesn’t make it wrong for people to have that knowledge. I hope to see many more posts like this.

  33. chrome says:


    nope you are wrong, in the first game he doesn’t have the middle finger because that’s where the blade pokes out

    in the second game (other time era) they modified the design and the middle finger can still stay attached (they even joke about it)

  34. Psyc0bob says:

    All parts on order.
    overnight $20 all together.
    got to love amaz0n prime. :)

  35. Piku says:

    The first thing you’ll want to do is put on some clothing. Doing metalwork while half naked is not that safe.

    PS Internet – Stop whining about the laws of your country. Nobody cares.

  36. psuedonymous says:

    From the looks of it, the same pull-wire used to unlock it for retraction is also used to unlock it for extension, requiring you to have you hand pulled out of the way of the blade to extend it. Still doesn’t prevent you having a finger dangling in the way, but the blade isn’t just floating loose in there.

  37. Spork says:

    Two words: Chainmaille Glove.

  38. llamasandwitch says:

    its a neat prop. Calm down. Don’t wear the dang thing outside in public and don’t do anything stupid with it (read wear the thing outside). Then who will come after you? When used as a neat prop or a hey guys look what I made its no more dangerous than one of those cheesy sword props from a movie.

  39. I can see a TON of variations on this already:

    -Arm-mounted taser!
    -Arm-mounted RFID gas pump tag!
    -Arm-mounted USB drive!
    -Arm-mounted business card dispenser!
    -Arm-mounted TV remote!

    The list is endless. Impress your friends! Get that big promotion you’ve been trying for!

  40. Wolfton says:

    I’m of the opinion that this is an interesting hack that HAD should cover, though I personally would not ever build something like this, nor would I allow my children to.

    The blade doesn’t appear to be designed with slashing in mind, but the concealer-extender does not seem to have what it takes to really do a whole lot of damage. I’d like to see him take out a pumpkin or a watermelon on a fence post.

    It appears to require a large downward force to deploy the blade, so it wouldn’t support deployment in an uppercut or a straight punch. A few slashes at extremely close range would probably derail the slider, if not snap the blade. Its not made of weapon grade steel. Its probably aluminum.

  41. chuckt says:

    Why should you be concerned about the laws in my country? A kid brings a fake grenade to school and he gets arrested. You might get away with it if there are no laws in your country but a kid will mimic you and get arrested.

  42. DarkAurora says:

    Geez people, really? It’s not even a blade, just a cut piece of rail. No one complained about the “legality” of the arm mounted flamethrower. Nice work.

  43. Pilotgeek says:

    @Everyone: Nobody comes to hackaday to read about the legality of daily posts. Some people don’t care about legality, fcc rules, or whether or not we should be wearing helmets. Please shut up.

  44. Mike says:

    who gives a f* wow guys, its a cool hack and as they said, its the holloween month. u all kno u wanna make it. He didn’t make it sharp so stop ur b* and piku ur right, Stop whining about the laws of your country. Nobody cares. Givin ya props. its a good hack

  45. walt says:

    the site is called HACK-A-DAY!!! what’s with all the legal talk? some of you are too soft to even read about cool hacks. wtf?

    I’ll tell you one thing, when the shit hits the fan, the cleaver, resourceful people, like this kid, are going to be just fine. you softies, by all means, please, don’t arm yourselves. just keep your basements stocked with food n’ supplies. the rest of us will drop in to help ourselves when we need it. Armageddon be damned!

  46. Fuggy says:

    AWESOME, a kid teaching kids to make deadly concealed weapons!! WTF are you doning HAD, yes i can see the kid has got talent, but this is not the way he should be showing it, your just giving popularity to making dangerous weapons! kids in my home town and other already dodgy places will want to make this and use them for mugging even more vulnerable people!!

    Please remove this video, make a stand against dangerous weapons. I’ve seen enough blood to last my lifetime, I’m serious.

    • WolfBoy says:

      Yes some people would use this to mug someone. the video didnt really do anything, people where gunna try to build one anyway. i give props to the kid for havin the skill to do this and post it while not giving a s*** about yalls crap

  47. gunner says:

    oh no, some kid made a pointed peice of drawer slide! SAVE THE CHILDREN!!!1 honestly HAD commenters are some of the thinnest skinned weiners i’ve encountered on the internet. this website is HACK-a-day, the whole idea is to build cool stuff, be creative, hacking cracking and less than legal stuff, its kind of the point…

  48. josh says:

    I’m sure none of the people responding with “save the children…” ever played with homemade explosives or built anything like this. /sarcasm

    Messing around with dangerous projects like this as a kid got me interested in science and engineering, doubt I’m the only one..

  49. willyshop says:

    relax, folks. It’s a modified drawer pull. Might be really good for eating peas, though!

  50. FDP says:

    I don’t really feel that HAD needs to censor content just because it is potentially dangerous. Obviously this is not the kind of thing to bring out in public – unless, as many have stated, you want to get shot by a confused police officer.

    This isn’t a project that would interest me (apart from being curious about HAD reader reaction), but it is obviously the sign of an enquiring mind at work, and as such should be appreciated.

    As a teenager I built plenty of dangerous things that seemed cool at the time and ended up slicing off lots of little pieces of myself doing it. It’s a part of the learning experience, and frankly all the mild injuries I encountered as a teenager led to a serious respect for the tools that I use now.

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