Assassin’s Creed blades make us wince

[TheBserk] made himself a set of auto-locking and auto-retracting hidden blades inspired by those in the game Assassin’s Creed. As you can see in the demo (and build guides) after the break, they work really well. We don’t like the idea of sharpened metal ramming its way past our wrists. But it’s not the first time we’ve seen dangerous arm-mounted hacks.

Reminiscent of Taxi Driver, [TheBserk] uses drawer slides from the local home store for his build. They are cut to length, and modified using springs for the automatic action. There is a lock to keep the blade extended, and a pull-wire to actuate it. Although dangerous, the build is well done. We think someone has mechanical engineering in his future, and possibly a trip to the emergency room.

The demonstration

Build guide part 1

Build guide part 2

[Thanks Kentaro]

109 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed blades make us wince

  1. I am sick of listening to irresponsible parents complain that the rest of the world is not taking responsibility to raise their child. You play: You pay. Take care of your kid your self and quit bitching about how hard it is.

  2. Really guys, how is this any different than self guided rockets (missiles), tesla coils and all the other crazy instructions on here. Anything can be dangerous or illegal…depending on how you use it.

  3. Now that this has been posted all those loner high school kids will start building these and planning attacks on those that have picked on them. I fully supoort free speach but internet info like this provides no good for the world.

  4. Wow. Why do so many people complain? I wouldn’t be complaining if someone showed how to make a real atom bomb substituting something else for plutonium and Uranium and fully working! This is harmless for even kids to make. I would have cared to make this in middle school. It wouldn’t have gotten me in any trouble. Who cares about the laws on this site? I sure don’t. It’s all about hacking and cracking son.
    Hell, I want to see this modified into a concealed .380 handgun. i would make it. And I wouldn’t be posting pussy ass things on a hacking website looking like a scrub like you guys. Faggots, get out of the basement this is a harmless weapon out of many that can easily be made. Grow a pair. Everyone should carry a weapon anyway honestly.

  5. And I’m REALLY sick of people like you joe. You are one of the crazy fucks trying to remove everything that is free to this country. “Ooh, things that may be dangerous should be illegal.” So you want to take away the American right to bear arms? You want to make forks fucking illegal because I could physically come to your home and stab you in the eye with it? Should we foam pad everything so that nobody can get a booboo? Seriously? People have the fucking right to make whatever weapon they can create. You and this shady government will never take that away.

  6. Very nice hack, I might try to make one or two to put into my Spartan (EOD) suit. And to all you nay sayers shut-up its a great engineering feat this guy has accomplished considering his age.

  7. This would not be considered a spring loaded weapon. The spring is for retraction only. He has to swing his arm to get it to come out, just like flipping your wrist for a pocket knife. The only thing that would make it illegal is the length, and it being hidden under your sleeve. However, you could get a permit to carry it. I have a concealed weapons permit, and I sometimes carry a machete my dad gave me.

  8. very nice! awesome. now for the legal part, in most states carrying anything with a blade longer than 3 inches needs a concealed weapons permit, which are easy to get. The only thing that this brings to the table tactically is the element of surprise, which can save your ass, but I wouldn’t depend on it. In the end its still bringing a knife to a (potential) gun fight.

    hahahahaha, did you get sand in your widdle underwears? (that is for the nanny state posters)

  9. This kid reminds me of myself I’ve built my share of “illegal weapons” if he anything like me he didn’t build them to go kill someone it was for fun I for one built an air cannon that shot paint balls half a mile so lay off engineers make stuff like this just to see if we can do it normal people do crosswords we make things like this oh and if you’re on privet property its completely legal

  10. I sat and admired the simplicity and action. I worried a little about the fact that he could think of using it outside/for unpleasant reasons. Then I realised he seems a fairly sensible chap, and his comment replies are quite responsible in nature. Stop your whining. If you’re going to whine about him making that, and HaD posting it, go protest at the film/game makers doors first. You can make a lethal concealed weapon out of a stick, a screwdriver, or a bloody table fork – get real people, this isn’t the sort of person/vid you want to moan about – there are plenty you should be.


    Calm down. I would be more worried about some of the people on this HaD thread going nuts and using this build to seriously stab people than this kid actually doing anyone harm.

    Awesome build, and hell, I might make one myself, though hopefully fasion a better blade to it. I’ve got enough “illegal” weapons that I’ll never hurt someone with, why not more?

  12. I almost never comment but some people are just ridiculous. So HAD post it. Its on youtube anybody that wants to built it or something similar would have look it up on google or youtube anyway. An any high school kid that wants to attack someone else will use the easy route just take a knife and a jacket why would he waste his time and money to make this. Also unless they are alone a lot of time you think their parents won’t notice that their son is building something like this with their tools.

  13. This thing is awesome. I’d build one myself, but I too have a problem with a blade sliding that close to my hand.

    Also, I would say something to the morons complaining about weapons but, as a gun collector, i’ve heard my share of stupidity and don’t wish to get involved.

  14. Ridiculous reaction by some of you. High school chemistry is enough to allow you to build a really fuggin big bomb and other stuff. Oh and this is the internet… if people wanna find out how to make weapons they are gonna find it. This is where proper parenting and establishment of morals comes into play: it’s not HAD or any other person’s responsibility. Encourage creativity and learning, teach kids to be good people overall and they won’t go stabbing someone with a drawer slider. Which I am pretty sure this kid won’t. Props, sweet hack, keep at it.

  15. stop whining people, its a prop not a weapon. its not sharpened and the blade is held in place with a flimsy little clip so it couldnt be used for stabbing. even if it was sharp and strong and reliable it would still be a poor weapon, a steak knife would be more usefull in a fight.

  16. Reminds me of the wrist dart shooter from the James Bond film Moonraker, back when Bond films were still great.

    Make two of them, one for each arm, then instead of blades put a writing pad on one and a pen on the other – you could be the ultimate ninja secretary note-taker :D

  17. Bluewrath reported (Posted @ 7:45 am on the 14th of Oct 2010) that KipKay made a video of one of these for a small toothbrush. It’s a pretty cool spoof – It was like the Robert De Nero in the Taxi Driver scene where he had concealed guns in his sleeves, but instead he pulled out a mini tooth brush – He does show HOW TO make a cool slide assembly. Here’s the link below;

    I think he should have made two sliders – the extra one for a bottle of Scope! lol


  18. o.0 I cant believe i haven’t thought of doing this. Also in the first assassins creed yes the finger was cut off, but in the second one Leonardo Da Vinci made it so no finger would be lost. But i do have to say this would make a Assassins Creed costume for Halloween just be well AWESOME!

  19. …to the whining crowd – I’m only gonna say this once: THE TOOL DOESN’T HURT PEOPLE, THE INTENT DOES. Cliché, sure, but true. Someone sufficiently hell-bent will hurt you sure enough whether or not he knows how to make a sliding knife, and a responsible person isn’t any more dangerous with these than without them. Not that I would advocate actually wearing them outside…

    I mean, seriosly, wtf?!? A pointy paper-cone launched/blown from a piece of plastic pipe can leisurely poke out your eye (and I’m not talking about the nail-in-the-tip version here) but I don’t recall us wearing safety goggles when we were kids, nor any blinded kids for that matter. So what, shall we outlaw pipes and paper now too, or just shoot on sight / throw any juvenile delinquent who dares to shoot one of those into jail for life…? Sheesh…

  20. How much do you want to bet that /some/ of these negative posts are posted by HAD competitors. Anyways, I give the kid full support behind this nifty thrifty contraption. It /is/ in the HAD spirit.


    You can buy knives at grocery stores! Oh, the humanity! Soon everyone will be getting killed in violent knife crimes.

    Wait, no.

    It really irks me when people start in with the “oh, no weapons!” rigmarole. The fact is, there’s concealable weapons all around us, and if it’s someone’s intent to hurt another – it’s more than likely going to happen.

    I mean, seriously, people. There’s rocks, sticks, hammers, bricks, pencils, thumbtacks, a sock full of hot nickels. Any of these things can be used as weapons.

    The world isn’t a safe place, no matter how much certain people wish it was babyproofed.

    Bottom line, have fun, be vigilant, and you’ll be ok. Except for the end there, where we all die anyway.

  22. You are all entirely retarded. 1) Assisted open knifes (aka switch blades, or spring loaded quick open knife) laws only apply to those made and sold by a company or another individual. It is not illegal to create nor own them ANYWHERE in the US. It is however in most areas illegal to carry them unless you are military/police and have official form of ID. Aka: Police ID/Military CAC Card.

    So all the ‘omg federal weapon charges, neighbor will see through a window and call the cops’ comments are honestly retarded. A cop could come directly to his house and come in and see it directly and there is nothing he would do if it is a private residence and the owner does not care. Unless of course he is on probation/parole then it is a violation.

    Now if he were to wear it in public thats an entirely different story, It would be considered an assisted open knife (if it is illegal in his area). Unless he was military/police he would be charged with the possession of an illegally operating knife which is not that big if a deal if it were a first offense.

  23. Sorry I nearly forgot to add to my previous and above comment. It would appear the knife is not assisted open (only a spring to close/retract it). It appears the force of him moving it downwards opens it. So technically this is not an assisted open knife and is not bound to the laws in that area. There is nothing about it being illegal to have a knife that closes itself with a spring.

  24. Awesome project, mostly because of its simplicity and of how well it seems to work :) Could be used as a movie prop with ease.

    To the whiners, maybe you didn’t notice yet but most people on this planet regularly handle big, sharp knives to cut up slabs of flesh, AKA preparing meat for cooking. Why aren’t those knives outlawed if you’re so worried about people getting cut up? Heck, what about pencils, do you realize how dangerous those are?

  25. It’s kind of neat, but I’ll stick with my Buck Vantage. It’s just as fast, and it won’t get me arrested.

    This reminds me more of Marathon Man than Taxi Driver, what with being a knife and all.

    The “2.1” video suggests that the kid didn’t exactly have Halloween in mind when he made this. I love that he is tweaking it in his “school’s robotics workshop”. I wonder how long it will take for that vid to get the attention of the school staff.

  26. from watching more of the 1st video, it doesnt look like a switch-blade
    it only has automatic retracting, extending it is done by swinging the whole thing and letting the G forces pull the spring all the way

    though it still might count as a concealed weapon

  27. Simply having a blade in your own home or another private place WILL NOT trigger a weapons charge. Chill the hell out, people.

    The level of decorum in a society is set by the behavior of its participants. This guy is obviously not hurting anyone, nor is that his intent. Many of you, on the other hand, are spreading suspicion and unwarranted fear. Congratulations on taking something cool and twisting it into something bad.

  28. “honestly HAD commenters are some of the thinnest skinned weiners i’ve encountered on the internet” -so true, but then that seems to be the way it is everywhere on the internet. But then again, if you were to talk to a truly random selection of people in the real world you would probably get the same reaction. I wonder how many of these people talking about weapons laws have actually gone to the effort of reading the actual laws on prohibited weapons themselves. From my experience most of those people are relying on rumours.
    As to people freaking out about how everyone is going to build one of these and kill everyone else, now that HAD has posted it… wake up people. A pen or screwdriver is at least as deadly as this thing is. Most of the people doing the killing aren’t going to be wasting their time on things like this, and the professionals already have access to blades like these that actually work.
    Many teenage boys are bound to make some form of weapons, and this post isn’t what is gonna inspire them. I grew up long before this post was made, that didn’t stop me from making gun powder, bombs, grenades, remote mines, a rocket launcher, more bombs, chlorine gas, countless welded weapons and weaponized vehicles… But I never hurt anybody while doing that.
    Someone who wants to hurt someone else, really does not need to be all that creative. I used to be able to consistently throw railroad spikes through 1/2″ plywood, so why would I (or anyone else) go to the effort of making a spring loaded knife to hurt someone?

  29. Hello, i am the kid in the video lol. thank’s for posting this up. it’s a really awesome project. but if trying it i recommend you DO NOT sharpen the blade. with that said, it’ll be legal :) i’m 18 years old btw. i’m responsible. i dont take it out in public, nor do i sell them

  30. Awesome build.

    Just what I expected to see in the comments:

  31. So, everyone wants to save the world and pounds on this kid.

    Save the world, starting with yourself. Stop jumping to conclusions, keep an open mind and start out with trust instead of mistrust.

    People will generally mirror your behaviour towards them. Often it’s you yourself who starts the whole escalation.

    Or aren’t you guys brave enough to give someone the benefit of the doubt? Scared because of what you’re thinking *might* happen? You’re lost if you can’t loose that. Don’t believe everything that comes up in your head.

    When you were a kid, you could do it. Maybe you were lucky that you never encountered the wrong person. But generally the wrong people don’t really care if you’re a kid or a grown up. So it’s much more likely that there are a lot less ‘wrong’ people in the world than you are thinking.

    Besides, you can kill people with about anything, the Chinese have already proven that over and over again. What’s the difference in dying by a knife or dying by a chopstick, or a coat hanger, or a baseball bat, or even by bare hands? It’s the intention that counts. People wear knives all the time, without having the intention to kill anyone.


    Nice hack, but it could have been done better :). With a Stiletto it’s possible to have it spring-charged extended and retracted. So it should be possible to do this on a wrist-worn knife as well.

  32. if a “highschool loner” made this, they’d probably shank one person and then get punched directly in the throat by whoevers standing closest. you cant massacre a school with a piece of pointy drawer slide.

  33. I’ve been finding ways to make a automatic sting loaded blade and ive made a needle blade for delivering poison.I used parts of an airsoft gun and the spring mechanism works good.but I has some problems tho like shooting the needle out.

  34. This is the blade design to ASsassins creed 2
    hes not going to cut his finger off

    and for all you haters out there
    i just got one thing to say to you
    Haters gonna hate
    No one like ur coments, so go away

    very nice design.
    i made one in accordance to assassins creed one, with no need to cut my ring finger off.

  35. so i think it would be a great self defense weapon, when used by a maniac such as myself. besides it is a more of they will not expect it surprise thing, it is out your going for them with no warning before it is unsheathed. and no one would enter a knife fight not knowing they will likely be cut, it is just with something like this you have, I reiterate, the element of surprise so you are less likely to get killed. and it is awesome, i am not a video game nerd, i am a jack of all trades some people have said, and not only me, maybe because i exceed at almost everything i try. i am getting off topic bye now.

  36. You need something for safety’s sake. Maybe a forearm protector such as leather or something that conforms to your arm and prevents self inflicted accidents. Do research into medieval clothing and armor. Leather didn’t just look good it was a way to stop or slow down things. That’s why motorcycle riders wear leather, to prevent road rash. LOL

  37. TheBserk posted a video not too long after stating that his intention was not to create a weapon, but an accurate costume piece. That is why he refuses to sell his creation and be held liable for its use. As far as I know, he blunted each of his wrist blades he made and doesn’t carry them in public. He is a responsible, creative person who obviously doesn’t want to break the law.

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