AVR DDS signal generator improvements

[Vassilis Papanikolaou] took a good thing and made it better with some design upgrades to this AVR based signal generator. We looked at version 1.0 of this tool back in 2006 and since then it saw an upgrade to 2.0. But [Vassilis] wanted to take things one step further, with a compact single-sided PCB. What you see above is the beautiful result of his work; a professionally made board that is compact, uses through-hole components, and has zero wire jumpers.

If you want to build one for yourself there’s a great parts list as well as board artwork and schematic. The system uses an ATmega16 so you’ll need a way to program one. There’s also just a bit of firmware tweaking to remap the control buttons to match the updated hardware layout.


  1. Trollicus says:

    Hey, nice work!!

    I think one of these will be on my bench soon.

  2. mess_maker says:

    Very cool project… too bad I just bought a function generator a few days ago. Would still be a great project to play with.

    It would make a great Christmas gift for my brothers, especially with a super probe.

  3. AtomicZombie says:

    Excellent project.


  4. Brennan says:

    I know how hard it is to do single-sided layouts when complexity increases. So for that alone, I award you hacker cred!

  5. egasimus says:

    great! will make it some day (:

  6. Thanks for posting ! The PCB is exactly half of the standard 160×100 factory panel. So I have one left to give away :) Anybody interested ?

  7. Alex G says:

    Hey i was just about to ask if there was just the PCB to purchase then i could populate it myself since i lack the materials to etch one myself. Vassillies if the offer still stands send me an email
    evlspcmk@gmail.com il be happy to pay of course

  8. strider_mt2k says:

    Super nice work!

    Very clean!

  9. makis says:

    Good job Vassilis!

  10. Jake says:

    Implement the whole thing in SMT! Through-hole is old hat!!! (Plus, SMT soldering is twice as fast, or more)


  11. In this particular design, it seems that SMD wouldn’t save much space ! Moreover, it would be more difficult for the average hobbyist to replicate.

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