Halloween Props: Borg costume

The Halloween hacks are rolling in late this year, but we’re delighted to see that [DJ Sures] finished his borg costume in time. It is made up of a hodge-podge of items from different cultures… oh wait, so are the borg. These include a set of hockey pads spray painted black with just a light misting of silver to give them some depth. After taking the image above (which mostly shows off his makeup) [DJ Sures] added an LCD screen to the chest plate and lighted electronics throughout. See for yourself after the break.

If you liked this you might take a look at his singing spark plug.


  1. space says:

    Will it assimilate?

  2. Ryan says:

    Very cool costume. He will definitely stand out on halloween.

    Anyone else think its weird that he has a mannequin though?

  3. NatureTM says:

    LOL @ the Borg holding a camera. He must be a true Star Trek fan since he doesn’t have a friend to take the picture for him!

    Just kidding! I love Star Trek and that’s an awesome costume. It’s just love nerd jokes too, but usually I’m the nerdiest person in the room so I have to direct them at myself. Rare opportunity.

  4. guess says:

    Will it blend?

  5. Chris says:

    Anyone who actually calls themselves “DJ _____” is a raging douchebag.

  6. DJ Sures says:

    Hey thanx everyone! Minus the guy who called me a douchebag hahaha. A little research and you’d find out that’s my actual name. ;)

    Anyway, if anyone wants more technical information regarding the suit, you can find it here: http://www.dj-sures.com/Blog/2010-10-25+Calgary+Borg+Halloween+Costume

  7. ferdi says:

    need you get a shot to sty a lifing dead solder or is that not neded for this sute smile

  8. Spork says:

    Things I think are cool/well done:
    Use of hockey pads.

    Things that could use work:
    -Jacket underneath is a similar color, but does not exactly match making an odd pair.
    -You’re and your are different words.

    One last thing. THANK YOU so very much for the link to the non-instructables site. That is awesome.
    Now you look like the douchebag. Hope you’re happy.

    Um what?

  9. m1ndtr1p says:


    Uhh, what?

    Mind translating that to English for us?

  10. Life2Death says:

    the display is out of place. bleh.
    Use rope light instead?

  11. ChalkBored says:

    I agree with the display being out of place.

    To nerd it up a bit:
    Since Borg communicate telepathically, there’s
    no need for them to diplay information to each
    other using a screen. If they wanted someone else to

    The excess of blue LED’s bugs me more, though.

  12. ChalkBored says:

    …If they wanted someone else who wasn’t Borg to see something, they’d just assimilate them.

    I hit tab to indent and posted prematurely.

  13. strider_mt2k says:

    I think it’s pretty damn neat!
    Great use of items for lots of cool detail, and cool functional bits as well.

    You have added their distinctiveness to your own.


  14. Hacksaw says:

    I was going to comment about the DJ thing also but my comment was “I hope his name is David Jo or Dennis John or something that starts with a D and a J”

  15. M4CGYV3R says:

    From his About page, for those that can actually read:

    “no I’m not a DJ… It’s actually my name, so I get that confusion a lot.”

  16. walt says:
  17. D.J.'s Mom says:

    Such talent!! I am proud of all your accomplishments and the creations that come from that never ending imagination of yours!! I have been amazed by you everyday of your life!!

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