Halloween Props: Borg Costume

The Halloween hacks are rolling in late this year, but we’re delighted to see that [DJ Sures] finished his borg costume in time. It is made up of a hodge-podge of items from different cultures… oh wait, so are the borg. These include a set of hockey pads spray painted black with just a light misting of silver to give them some depth. After taking the image above (which mostly shows off his makeup) [DJ Sures] added an LCD screen to the chest plate and lighted electronics throughout. See for yourself after the break.

If you liked this you might take a look at his singing spark plug.


17 thoughts on “Halloween Props: Borg Costume

  1. LOL @ the Borg holding a camera. He must be a true Star Trek fan since he doesn’t have a friend to take the picture for him!

    Just kidding! I love Star Trek and that’s an awesome costume. It’s just love nerd jokes too, but usually I’m the nerdiest person in the room so I have to direct them at myself. Rare opportunity.

  2. Things I think are cool/well done:
    Use of hockey pads.

    Things that could use work:
    -Jacket underneath is a similar color, but does not exactly match making an odd pair.
    -You’re and your are different words.

    One last thing. THANK YOU so very much for the link to the non-instructables site. That is awesome.
    Now you look like the douchebag. Hope you’re happy.

    Um what?

  3. I agree with the display being out of place.

    To nerd it up a bit:
    Since Borg communicate telepathically, there’s
    no need for them to diplay information to each
    other using a screen. If they wanted someone else to

    The excess of blue LED’s bugs me more, though.

  4. Such talent!! I am proud of all your accomplishments and the creations that come from that never ending imagination of yours!! I have been amazed by you everyday of your life!!

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