Single-motor walker for Santa-Pede Challenge inspiration

This LEGO hexapod uses just one motor for motion. In the video after the break you can see that what [Valetnin Bauer] accomplished is almost magical, using just 210 parts. A central drive shaft uses worm gears to transfer motion to each of the legs. The limb mounting technique results in a sort of rowing motion that closely mimics what you’d expect to see from a biological hexapod.

We thought this might provide some inspiration for the Buy Break Build: Santa-pede challenge. Sure, using LEGO is a lot easier than reusing Santa parts. But a lot can be accomplished with a little creativity. Another point of inspiration might be this one-motor walker that should be a snap to adapt to the challenge. Better get going, just twenty days let until the project deadline!

[via Tinkernology]


  1. fluidic says:

    Yes, using gears to distribute and redirect motion from a single mechanical source is magical.

    Or at least, it was when the ancient Greeks were playing with them.

  2. hoditohod says:


  3. Ned says:

    I love it. Now to find a way to make it turn :)

  4. roboman2444 says:

    Ned: he could just use 2 motors, one for each side of legs. The timing might get a tad bit off… but it would work anyway.

  5. Gilliam says:

    @roboman2444 and Ned

    this ZOIDS model does the dual motor thing, with a wired remote control add-on.

  6. Jack Sprat says:

    Perhaps if he could drop it into reverse he could use that to switch some gears around and allow it to turn still using one motor.

  7. This is what i like to call an “elegant design”, well done!

    If you were to use a universal joint to separate the 3 leg pairs, you could put in a servo to bend the whole body. This would allow it to turn because the walking force vectors would no longer be in a straight line. This method would also keep the drive as one motor with a consistent drive offset.

    I made something like that 10 years ago with 4 legs, and a LOT more hot glue.

  8. Jon King says:


    You are what is wrong with hackaday.

  9. kristian says:

    @Kevin: I will get those instructions and try that!

    this is brilliant; it really is elegant.

  10. strider_mt2k says:

    I agree with fluidic.

    If it was done before by someone else it can’t possibly be magical or deserve to be revisited for any reason.


    Being a douche predates civilization itself, so don’t bother doing it. -it’s been done.

  11. levsha128 says:

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