Building a creepy doll army

Want your very own Chucky doll to scare the crap out of the roommates? [Gzip] shows you how to make this happen by adding servo-based animatronics to old dolls. In the video after the break you can see the doll throw up her arms and turn her head thanks to a motor in each shoulder and one in her melon. You won’t see it in the clip, but the legs are motorized too meaning that some creative coding might have this old gal awkwardly crawling across the room (with knife in hand). Then again, maybe this is just the inspiration you need to get off your bum and finish the Santa-Pede Challenge. Submissions are due a week from today!


  1. Crunch says:

    Holy furk … I hate dolls

  2. bluewraith says:

    Aww.. and what a time for my dremel battery to be drained.. :(

  3. dustandechoes91 says:

    Small soldiers anyone?

  4. medwardl says:

    I was thinking more demonic toys.

  5. 81rdm4n says:
  6. xeno says:


    I too was thinking of small soldiers!

  7. OhioKen says:

    We have met the enemy, and he is you.

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