Pick up that can, [Jeri]

We all need an excuse to play Half-Life 2 sometimes. [Jeri Ellsworth] put together a My First Crowbar controller to throw a few headcrabs across the room. It’s pretty much Half-Life 2 for the Wii.

The build is very simple Рjust a tilt switch hot glued to the underside of a childs-size crowbar. Two leads go from the tilt switch to the contacts on a (PS3?) controller. All you need to do to attack is swing the crowbar wildly.

[Jeri] has us wondering what other awesome game controllers could be made. Of course we’ve been wanting a real-life Gravity Gun or Portal Gun for years now, but right now we’re thinking about a real Katamari. We might need more hot glue.

As far as building our own, we’re thinking about using one of the Cheap DIY tilt switches we saw the other day. It’s a simple build, and sure looks like a lot of fun.


  1. garage42 says:

    Anyone else see a cracked LCD screen in her future with this “crowbar joystick”?

  2. Jim Poehlman says:

    You’re a nutjob Jeri but we love you! Miss you at UB hope to see you soon!

  3. Hirudinea says:

    Needs a bigger crowbar, I wanna be able to take heads off in real life too! (Eat my chips will ya!)

  4. Whatnot says:

    I’ve simulated a gravity gun – by throwing stuff around, it’s a bitch repairing it again tough.

  5. PocketBrain says:

    I love it! You might want to affix a wrist-strap there, however. Just for safety’s sake.

  6. Nova says:

    Flying wii-motes have nothing on this.

    Hell you might actually kill someone if you play your cards right. The question is “in or out of game?”

  7. steve says:

    BLUE? Wtf? Ever seen a blue HL crowbar?

  8. dastroopa says:

    Katamari would be easy if you could find an old school trackball like in those arcade machines or something

  9. RunnerPack says:

    Doubles as a Red Faction: Armageddon controller.

    Also, @Jeri: When are we getting “D is for Diode” and the other A-Z of electronics vids?

    @HaD: that’s probably just a USB PC pad (many of which have adopted the “dualshock” form-factor).

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