Battling most useless machine gets an expressive upgrade

We suppose the only thing more useless than a most useless machine is giving it an emoticon face. But that’s exactly what has happened with this project. But you’ll want to seen the whole thing, as the presentation involves much more than an angry box that can shut itself off.

This is the second iteration of the angry box. As we saw about 18 months ago, it will eventually get fed up with you turning the switch on and freak out by driving itself all over the desk. This version starts off with a rather pleasant face drawn on the red LED matrix which takes up the front side of the enclosure. It will nonchalantly flip the switch to the off position after first being activated. But if you insist on turning it back on things get angry rather quickly. This is shown in the video after the break. But if you can get past the horrible machine translation there are some build details to be had in this post.

[via Frivolous Engineering]


  1. Nathanm says:

    My brain almost exploded while watching this video. This has to be the greatest choice of music and special effects I have ever seen! I give it 12 out of 10 Micheal Bays!

  2. nizon says:

    Awesome video

  3. Robot says:

    Holy heck that’s good!

  4. zaprodk says:

    Cool build, but i wish the video haven’t been put trough After effects….

  5. Chris C. says:

    Hah! Love it.

    I half expected it to pull out an Airsoft gun and open fire.

  6. Jay says:

    I love it.

    It’s just perfect.

  7. PhilS says:

    Absolutely bloody fantastic.

  8. Hirudinea says:

    Awesome but if I had that box I’ed just leave the f**king thing off!

    • senior fluff says:

      The furby treatment it is! I’ll hold it upside down until it cries then throw it in the closet until the battery dies!!

      ..(or until it creepily starts saying it’s scared and lonely at three in the morning)

      • simon says:

        “..(or until it creepily starts saying it’s scared and lonely at three in the morning)”

        3 years after it’s battery died and no longer in the closet and has a new vocabulary of sayings…

  9. Dan says:

    Post video production = amazing!!!!!

  10. Nova says:

    That was probably the highest production-value video on HaD I’ve seen yet. A lot of work went into that fun little ride. More like this please!

  11. A Bryant says:

    Wow nicely done Useless machine and
    The best project video I have every seen.
    Well done on all sides!

    Vote = 12/10

  12. Eirinn says:

    Amazing project and amazing post production! 12/10. The video made my grey morning less dull :D

  13. da rippa says:

    Next, useless machine with a tazer electrified switch.

  14. katsmeat says:

    Can it still be called a “useless machine”, now that is provides rather good entertainment?

  15. satovey says:

    That machine is clearly not a morning person.
    What a hoot!

  16. notglados says:


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