Robot has rhythm; carries drum sticks


This little robot needs to go on the road with the Blue Man Group. The treaded rover carries its own drum sticks and uses random objects as its drum set.

We admit that this is not a fresh hack. It harkens from 2008 but this is the first time we can remember seeing the little guy. After viewing the video embedded after the jump we think you’ll agree the project deserves to be seen by as many aspiring hardware hackers as possible.

Perched atop the pile is a speaker, with a second hidden between the yellow treads. The lower unit lets the PICAX 28 microcontroller produce beeps and pops, while the upper unit provides a background track for the drumming. The two rods extending above the ultrasonic rangefinder are connected to a couple of motors and drum along with a third stick that looks like a tail. Even the servo that sweeps the rangefinder from side to side keeps the beat. The synchronized magic is all in the code, which you can get your hands on in step 11 of this longer build tutorial.


  1. Stefan Hofmann says:

    old as dirt

  2. Reid Richards says:


  3. Unclegummers says:

    I feel like this has been posted here before.
    Correct me if I’m wrong.
    Awesome project, terrible camerawork.

  4. fartface says:

    Yeah, this has been here before. I cant find it in search, did you guys have a database failure a couple of years back and lose most everything….

  5. Robot says:

    Dawwww. . . it’s like a little robotic tUnE-yArDs <3

  6. einball says:

    Old hat but still awesome!

  7. Xeracy says:

    “We admit that this is not a fresh hack….”
    “The synchronized magic is all in the code, which you can get your hands on in step 11 of this LONGER BUILD TUTORIAL”

    Its an update/intentional repost of an old project that features a new video and new tutorial, STFU about it being old.

  8. Arnuschky says:

    Fresh or not, haven’t seen this hack on HAD yet. Thanks for posting, this hack is awesome! And, like any proper hack, it’s 90% glue-gunned. :)

  9. bearmos says:

    this is great. . .i wonder if it was just coincidence that it came out the same year as WALL-E? if this was on HaD before, I definitely missed it – thanks Mike!

  10. Josh says:

    Man, I really wish that the first hack ANYBODY was ever allowed to do was to build a freaking tripod.

    Awesome little bot, though. Thanks for (re)posting this!

  11. Kr0n says:

    That robot has some awesome beats

  12. fritz says:

    first time I have seen it and I think it is great, any robot designed with a sense of humor deserves a standing ovation

  13. If you had two robots, would they start hitting each other on the head in rhythm?

    • DeeDee says:

      No they would wander aimlessly never finding each other until their creators moved them together manually. Well that is my guess after watching the video and seeing how much trouble it had finding stationary objects.

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