Gas sensor suite built with Gadgeteer modules


[Blake] just finished a gas sensor suite built from Gadgeteer parts. The three sensors are the cylindrical towers along the left hand side of the assembly. The one at the top (with the orange ring) is an alcohol sensor. The middle one senses ammonia and the lower sensor measures air quality. Also rolled into the mix are temperature and humidity sensors.

You can collect a lot of data with this type of setup. To keep it organized [Blake] used the ThingSpeak interface. Using the NIC in the upper right he uploads the measurements for real-time graphing. The setup is explained in detail in the video after the break, including a test with some cleaning ammonia.

We haven’t tried out the Gadgeteer system for ourselves yet. But you’ve got to admit that the ribbon cable connector system the family of parts uses really helps to keep a rather complicated setup like this one nice and tidy.


  1. Zee says:

    Gadgeteer devices seem great but aren’t they extremely expensive?

  2. ianlee74 says:

    Cool project! Great job!

  3. Justin says:

    Nicely done.

  4. Hack Man says:

    Be aware that the alcohol, ammonia and air quality sensors have a pretty limited sample range.

  5. harleydk says:

    I like that. Looks like prototyping done easy. With that kind of CPU power he could expand on that setup and never run out of mcu steam. Good work!

  6. RBMK says:

    I am planning to make something like that with not only the gas sensor, but sadly, i am still waiting for CO2 sensor from futurlec. Two months and nothing. Don’t buy anything from them, they’re scam.

  7. r1m3 says:

    Does anyone know where to get a standoff board like the one used to mount the boards? It reminds me of an optical table but much smaller made for pcb standoffs.

  8. I see another good use for this project is to test the water quality for aquariums just draw a sample of water into a chamber bubble air though it and test the air

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