Gas Sensor Suite Built With Gadgeteer Modules


[Blake] just finished a gas sensor suite built from Gadgeteer parts. The three sensors are the cylindrical towers along the left hand side of the assembly. The one at the top (with the orange ring) is an alcohol sensor. The middle one senses ammonia and the lower sensor measures air quality. Also rolled into the mix are temperature and humidity sensors.

You can collect a lot of data with this type of setup. To keep it organized [Blake] used the ThingSpeak interface. Using the NIC in the upper right he uploads the measurements for real-time graphing. The setup is explained in detail in the video after the break, including a test with some cleaning ammonia.

We haven’t tried out the Gadgeteer system for ourselves yet. But you’ve got to admit that the ribbon cable connector system the family of parts uses really helps to keep a rather complicated setup like this one nice and tidy.

16 thoughts on “Gas Sensor Suite Built With Gadgeteer Modules

    1. If you value your time and want to be able to quickly & easily build prototypes or permanent projects then there is not a better choice. Maybe slightly more expensive than other options but most Gadgeteer mainboards typically have much more powerful than your typical mcu also. So, if you just want to get something done and not have to build every module yourself then it’s a great choice. Of course, you can create the modules yourself also if you choose. I encourage you to give it a try.

    2. They are slightly more expensive but they are also by far the easiest & quickest way to prototype a complex project. So, if you value your time and want to get something accomplished without having to build every piece of the hardware yourself then there is no better choice. Of course, if you want to build the modules yourself that is very easy to do also. I’d encourage you to give it a try.

    3. Gadgeteer Parts List

      Cerberus Mainboard – $29.95

      Gas Sensor – 3 @ $14.95
      What is cool about this sensor is you can plug almost any MQ sensor you want into it.

      LED 7C Module 3 @ $6.95

      Temp and Humidity Module $17.90

      Barometer Module $33.00

      Ethernet ENC28 Module $19.95

      USB Client DP Module $24.95
      which was over kill as I could have used a $10 module

      When I’m done with this project I simply unplug everything and its ready to go for my next project, like pieces of Lego, so I’ll use these modules in tons of different projects.

  1. I am planning to make something like that with not only the gas sensor, but sadly, i am still waiting for CO2 sensor from futurlec. Two months and nothing. Don’t buy anything from them, they’re scam.

    1. That is a Tamiya 70172 Universal Plate L (210x160mm), you can get them just about anywhere and they work great for Gadgeteer projects as the holes line up perfectly. For some projects I use the smaller Tamiya board (60 x 160 mm) or go here for a wide selection of project boards.

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