Aluminum Unibody Nintendo 64


[Travis] wanted us to take a look at his N64 portable to see if it could be featured on Hackaday. By the looks of it, we’re going to say hell yeah. Everything on this portable N64, down to the buttons, is milled from aluminum. It’s an amazing build that raises the bar of what a portabalized game system can be.

Inside this anodized enclosure is the circuit board from an original N64. To cut down on the size, [Travis] milled a new heat sink for the CPU and GPU. All the games – quite possibly all the games ever released for the N64 – are stored on an SD card and accessed through an EverDrive 64. Two 5000 mAh Lipo batteries provide three hours of play time on a beautiful high-res screen.

What’s even more amazing is that [Travis] machined all the parts on an exceedingly small, manual mini-mill. Truly a portabalized console for the ages.

You can check out a gallery of pics [Travis] sent in and his demo video below.


  1. schobi says:

    Nothing to see here – video is blocked in Germany … :-(

  2. willrandship says:

    This is definitely one of the most beautiful N64 builds I’ve ever seen. Even the internal wiring manages to avoid the rat nest that many portable projects run into.

  3. smilr says:

    Absolutely love the build quality.

    I would never want to play on this thing for any length of time with that button layout.

  4. f4grx says:

    the /size/ of the mill is of no importance. The quality of the spindle and bits is. Good job!

  5. jojod says:

    is it an emulator?

  6. Yarr says:

    Shame that it uses the EverDrive 64 rather than the far superior 64drive, but other than that, fantastic build!

  7. I don’t think I’ve seen a better designed custom handheld. EXCELLENT!

  8. okowsc says:

    nice looks quite professional,

  9. adcurtin says:

    everdrive 64 doesn’t work with 100% of n64 games as claimed. Banjo Tooie doesn’t work fully, and there are a couple others too.

  10. BiOzZ says:

    i would have used a proper FPGA emulator and made it smaller … with with lack of me actually doing that i have to say nice job!

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