Aluminum Unibody Nintendo 64


[Travis] wanted us to take a look at his N64 portable to see if it could be featured on Hackaday. By the looks of it, we’re going to say hell yeah. Everything on this portable N64, down to the buttons, is milled from aluminum. It’s an amazing build that raises the bar of what a portabalized game system can be.

Inside this anodized enclosure is the circuit board from an original N64. To cut down on the size, [Travis] milled a new heat sink for the CPU and GPU. All the games – quite possibly all the games ever released for the N64 – are stored on an SD card and accessed through an EverDrive 64. Two 5000 mAh Lipo batteries provide three hours of play time on a beautiful high-res screen.

What’s even more amazing is that [Travis] machined all the parts on an exceedingly small, manual mini-mill. Truly a portabalized console for the ages.

You can check out a gallery of pics [Travis] sent in and his demo video below.

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          1. Any time I see that a video has been censored due to a song copyright, I feel like writing a letter to the copyright owner saying “You know, that’s a nice song, and I was exposed to it by watching video X. I was planning to buy the song/album due to that exposure, but then I learned that you had the video taken down due to copyright infringement. Now, I’ve decided not to buy the song/album strictly because of that action on your part. You just lost a sale due to your overzealous and backwards copyright policy.”

            I would send a letter like that, but I know it would be ignored or even twisted around somehow to show that “the system works”, so I don’t.

        1. This is so true! Or then at least provide a video without any backgound music. Right now, the information from this build appears to be provided in the video, which is blocked and thus there is no information,

          1. While I disagree with the copyright douchebaggery of most media-owning companies, nearly every Youtube video with music has bloody terrible choice in music.

          1. Looks like, inside that anodized enclosure, is the circuit board from an original N64. Look…

            “Inside this anodized enclosure is the circuit board from an original N64.”


    1. Did you not see Banjo Tooie playing in the video? The latest EverDrive OS 2.01 provides support for Banjo Tooie without manual patching, same story with other games like Jet Force Gemini and Conker’s Bad Fur Day that were unplayable before, and has gameshark support.

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