Using XBox One And PS4 Controllers With Everything


The controllers from the last generation of consoles served their purpose well. They were there for us when we wanted to experiment with an I2C bus, and they stood by when we wanted to build a quadcopter out of parts just lying around. A new generation of consoles is now upon us, and with them come new controllers. Controllers for which Arduino libraries haven’t been written yet. The horror.

Until those libraries are developed, there’s ChronusMAX, a USB dongle that allows you to use XBox One controllers on a PS4, PS4 controllers on the XBox, mice and keyboards on both systems, and both types of controllers on your PC.

The folks behind ChronusMAX put up a video demoing the XBox One controller working on the 360, PS3, and PC, with another video showing the same for the PS4 controller. As far as what we can see from the PC demos, everything on these controllers can be read, right down to the accelerometer data on the DualShock 4.

Although this is a commercial product, we’re surprised we haven’t seen a more open version by now. From the looks of it, it’s a very small device with two USB ports and a firmware upload utility. Microcontrollers with two native USB ports are usually encased in large packages, so there might be some very clever engineering in this device. Let us know when someone does a teardown of one of these.

Thanks [Josh] for sending this one in.


  1. emuboy says:

    maybe inside there is only one chip, that make some auth. on the controller,I think all the other stuff is pretty standard…

  2. rinyre says:

    Interesting device but the PS4 already works on the 360 without modding over USB. Other way around for XBOne on PS4 would be a loss of functionality (touchpad and LED) and probably not a great idea.

    I do like the Wii pairing though!

  3. Frank says:

    If you are looking for an open version, I am currently working on

    I don’t like how CronusMAX is essentially posting fake demo videos of it working on PS4 to get pre-orders

  4. tekkieneet says:

    Think like a hacker! You don’t need a native USB port to do this though.
    There are firmware based USB for the Propeller for example..

    Under USB:
    “Using the Propeller as a USB Slave” from BradC – 3 cogs for a USB-Serial
    “Using the Propeller as a USB Host” from Elizabeth Scott – It uses 3 cogs.

    So there are at least 2 more cores “cogs” (out of 8) left to implement the translation code.

    I am sure there are other multicore chips (xCore?) out there that can do
    the same work. One can also use a FPGA with USB cores and a
    microcontroller core.

  5. Simon says:

    Some specs about the chip are revealed on the introduction page for the gpc language reference.
    It is an Atmel CPU @16MHz, 8KiB Ram, 128KiB Flash. An AT90USB1286 or 1287 fits those parameters.

  6. CronusDev says:

    That Video Is Proof Of concept Showing how Far we able to go in Weekend After the PS4 was release , Not to get Preorder , device is on the market Already, and any Finding will Give it Users More Options and Tools at no Cost Thru FW and Software Update For the Life of the device,

    Any Way By the time You guys Read this post , Xbox one is Already Done and warping up as we have the first Working Keyboard and Mouse , and able to Use PS3 and Xbox 360 controller , Wii , Wii u pro On xbox one Now.

  7. nicholas says:

    does this works with android? ie, android sticks/tablets for gaming?
    anybody thinks its possible?

    • Whatnot says:

      This might be of interest to you: video from nvidia about their nvidia shield and its controller:

      • Whatnot says:

        Come to think of it, I would not mind one of those things for xmas, has many uses and seems good to tinker with too. Many things for instance use android to control hardware devices like robot or quadcopters, and the design of the shield seems to nicely fit into such things.

        But I’m starting to sound like a nvidia advertiser, and I’m not, I had some unpleasant experiences with nvidia support when I had a nvidia video card, so although they make some advanced technology I know that company is not without its issues.

        Still, for xmas.. if only I knew a santa.

  8. asdsadasdsad says:

    fuck quadcopters in general. Stick to a normal helicopter, you EFF GEE TEES

  9. Chris Arney says:

    I found a teardown of the PS4 controller here:

    I found some great detailed information on the Xbox One controller in this forum:

    The best image from of the PCBs from that forum is this one here:

  10. a critic says:

    I don’t see how this article is even Hack-A-Day worthy?

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