1. Z says:

    I see what appears to be part of an xBox 360, the ROL actually. Could someone enlighten me as to what it does for this build?

  2. Dude Love says:

    More information can be found on the wireless 360 receiver module from the xbox here : In the zip file contains a .txt with all the possible commands that the module can receive. Sadly the module cannot tell you if controllers are connected.

    Here is my version of converting a module for pc use :

    It uses an atmega32u2 , with 2 switches one to trigger the sync , and another that will turn off all connected controllers. Both boards are soldered together, then glued to a 5 1/4″ faceplate, a molex connector connects it to the onboard USB of my pc.

    But the original reason for my post was, even though NES and SNES are old , isn’t carrying 700 games , especially to a public meeting, breaking copyrights? With the HaD logo just below.

    Its not that I am against this, because I will admit I have those 700 nes / snes games on my own pc, but isn’t it a bit of a touchy matter?

  3. Tony says:

    Open Design is a clear case now?

    Huh, well, that’s easy enough.

    I guess no case is even more open!

  4. That’s cool!!!!!!!!!

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