11 thoughts on “Project Nitro, Using Your Nintendo Ds Over The Web

  1. Thats cool and all, but they havent realeased anything yet :I saw this on the Warppipe forums earlier this week and I saw nothing, I think they are pretty much just in research stages.

  2. This “Nintendo DS online via Nitro Online” thing is really getting old, nitro hasn’t ever gotten much of anything done, after all, they’ve been at it for how long??? Well, there is ONE place that has really shown me that they are getting somewhere. By giving us videos and occasional (no offense ) updates, and that is the team that brought us pretty much everything else online. teamxlink.co.uk Go Xlink… lol hope this doesn’t disturb users…

  3. I don’t understand why hackaday.com would post something so under-developed. It SOUNDS like a great addition for the Nintendo DS – it may happen – but why are these guys relevent if they haven’t really got anywhere? Of course, I do take into fact that everything starts somewhere, but Nitro seems not to have much of a foundation besides the idea, and a few possible developers. I really wonder if they are doing something and not posting the updates, or, all this embarassment of pissed off people wondering what the hell they’re doing will motivate them.

  4. No this wont work with your GBA. In fact, looking at this it wont work with anything unless someone actually develops something. Seeing as Xlink pulled out, I think the only chances we have of using our DSs over the net is to wait until offical online games come out, like Animal Crossing DS. I have a feeling the encryption on the DS Wifi is too complicated to get round, hence the problems developing tunneling software.

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