Nintendo Ds Rom Dumps, Almost

nintendo ds rom dumps, almost

it’s nintendo ds week here folks, well, not really, i’m just trying to get a few nintendo posts up as things “start” to develop. over on the gbadev forum, it looks like someone dumped the rom of metroid prime, at least the start of it. why is this good? one, figuring this out will get us all started on developing games, content, applications and more. and two, i know i’d like back up my roms the ds cartridges are tiny and bound to get lost, ideally i’d like to store them all on one big ole’ monster card.

22 thoughts on “Nintendo Ds Rom Dumps, Almost

  1. well this is good,

    very good,

    yes good!

    now, maby with the hack that alows you to play gbc
    (game boy color) cartridges. it may be easyier to acess the DS.

    i sorry if i sound like a moron, i understand very litle of all this, personaly i like the PSP (playstation portable)

    if you dont know what that is google it.

  2. im kinda curious if theres going to be a way to have a program on a laptop that uses the wifi card to start a game or something like that istead of having to have a game in the ds start the game off in a pc with a wifi card download and join the game with out a card something like that

  3. cool for backing up, but just for that. no doubt an emulator will follow (if there isnt already, im not up on this stuff), but how will you play the games? maybe something that tracks the mouse position over the bottom screen, but then what about buttons? it’d be kinda tricky doing it all with one hand, but who knows…actually, hunters with a keyboard and mouse could work pretty good…

  4. Yes, Metroid has definitely been dumped. Fake dumps of Mario and Sonic have been floating around, but DarkFader from is the only one who can dump DS cards, and he has only released Metroid.

    How do I know it definitely has been dumped? I have the files here right now. If you do manage to find a dump, it will need to be extracted with DarkFader’s tool ( I can already view the maps and models, it’s only a matter of time before full-blown level editors and such are released.

  5. hey can anyone tell me site that will have nintendo Ds Roms downloadable and please dont tell me to search ive tried google, yahoo, altavista, nine Msn, Ask jeeves, lycos ive tried loads please tell me a direc site to where i can download roms for Nintendo Ds…
    oh and email me at

  6. i have real roms from resident evil ds to nintendogs i have a total of 36 roms all working i have tried them on passme 1 and 2 (flash cart)both with srt10 firmware 1.3 and 1.4 if anyone want a copy of these commercial roms id be happy to help just email me @

  7. Go buy an M3 Simply and a 4 gig MicroSD, visit and downlaod whatever “Back up” you want – I was getting 300Kbps+ speeds too – no torrents!. I currently carry around over 40 playable “back ups” on one card. A whole lot of games…errr “back ups” running on a NDS for under £30GBP.

  8. hey guys an awsome site for loads of free downloads is LOADS of free downloads with a limit of 80 megs. a day for download, but can download large roms 80+ megs.

    also if you have a wireless connection you can reconnect your connection you can lownload more as if its another day. :) I have over 70 working games, have fun gaming

  9. #16 – this is not good advice; the 4GB Micro SD is an SHDC card, and the M3DS Simply (like most DS flash cards) doesn’t support them – so the biggest card you can use is 2GB.

    If you want SDHC support, then get a M3DS Real, DSTT, CycloDS or the new SuperCard ONE (it has SDHC on the packaging). These all definately support SDHC.

  10. #19 – There are 4gb micro SDs that aren’t SDHC. They just happen to be quite rare. The minor issue is that the 4gb non-sdhc tends to be a little unstable in most carts, including the M3 simply.

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