Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

oh my gawd. i’m so beat.

why? because of you guys!!!

I’m almost out of buttons. We’ll re-order obviously, but today alone I got 80 SASEs in my little mailbox. I sent them all out of course and my tongue has lots of papercuts. It’s been so hectic. And it’s gonna get even nuttier. Know why? Defcon. It’s coming. I’ll be there about 11am on the 28th of July, a day before the event starts.

so here, bite into some links before i pass out and sleep for 50 hours.

a cute list of portable usb programs [xytec]
a death star home-theater subwoofer. hardcore!
these guys made an underwater robot. give em a hand [anuj]
save some fuel. yeah right…..well, i dunno. you try. [bandit]
Linux on your HP-PPC. Kind of cool? I happen to like Windows for PPC…. [raleigh]
Belkin Tuncast2 mod. Very nicely done I think. [brian]

nitro cool your pc like a monstrer truck jam. [gaarie]

you guys will be excited to know that from about july 28th to august 2nd, we’ll be having insane extensive coverage of defcon and vegas happenings. so expect anywhere from 5 to 500 posts a day. yes i am embellishing.

if you want merch though, get the SASEs out! quick!

23 thoughts on “Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

  1. I really like that Tunecast hack. It’s so simple that I should have thought of that. I’ve got one of those but barely ever use it because it has to be REALLY close to my car antenna to work properly and then I still get static and interference. I think I’m going to go find it today and screw with it a bit and see if I can get it to work as well as the one in the hack. Thanks!

  2. About that underwater robot. High school students from across canada and the US have been making these for years for competitiions. i would provide i link for more information on these contest but i don`t have one now. These contest are fun for any hacker.

    At my neerest university(Memorial University of Newfoundland) they even give summer camps dedicate to teaching peopel how to make these robots. But still impressive work any way.

  3. Hmmm. The Fuel magnet is eerily similar to those magnetic bracelets used by golfers. The theory on those was that a magnet, strapped to one’s wrist, would speed up blood flow by pulling iron particles in the blood (apparently the magnetic field would both pull the iron to it and push it away). One issue of consumer reports noted that a magnetic device strapped to one’s wrist would be about as effective as the slip of paper from a fortune cookie in increasing blood circulation.
    Among the problems in the Gas mileage increaser: 1)Hydrocarbons are not affected by magnets 2)even if they were, they would only align themsleves for the second that they passed the magnet.
    It would be great to know that in a time of such high gas prices, all one would need is a magnet to save money. Too bad it ain’t possible.

  4. Man that tunecast mod is sweet, i have an older tunecast the first version, and the antenna on it is actually run with the audio cable but it is neatly lable ANT next to the R L & Grnd wires, and man that tunecast was a worthless pos caus i used to basically wrap it around my antennae for it to work and no it works perfectly. A+

  5. On the topic of JLime, I use it on my Jornada and it does, in fact, rock. If there are any capable developers hanging out here with the free time and ambition, help is definitely wanted.

  6. Hey guys i know this is slightly off topic but can anyone tell me how to find the network info needed to make protable firefox run? At my school they have locked down the setting in IE so i can’t get at them. :-(

  7. The fuel magnet is just as useless as the cell antenna booster. come on, if a 3 cent cheasy sticker made the same effect as a 14ft or whatever they said it was, why wouldn’t the original MFG put them in and claim to have 14x the receiving range? same with the gas magic, err… magnet, it’s something that would have been a standard feature since early in the automobile’s life. common sense people.

  8. please excuse my extreme noobness to this site and hacking in general, but i have 2 quick questions:
    1. what is a sase?
    2. how do you request/get buttons or any hackaday stuff?
    if anyone could answer these in a comment (i don’t have email now) i’d really really appreciate it. thx.

  9. The fuel magnet is completely bogus. Although water’s molecules are polar, they form hydrogen bridges, which are stronger than magnetic fields. IF you had a field strong enough, you would make vapour…
    And, since the reluctance of copper is a lot lower than that of water or gas, almost all of the field lines will pass inside the copper and won’t get even close to “magnetize” whatever is passing through.

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