Playstation 2 Controller ADC


[Paul Skinner] sent in an interesting project that he has been working on. The goal is to use biofeedback (heart rate, skin temperature) for sound control. The Playstation controller offers multiple analog inputs so Paul decided to modify one to use as an analog to digital converter. Before tearing the controller down he connected the controller to Max/MSP to make sure he could read the inputs. The majority of the project was spent building amplifiers for the skin temperature and other sensors. Once the amplifier circuit was constructed Paul built several Max/MSP patches to use the data.

12 thoughts on “Playstation 2 Controller ADC

  1. very cool and intresting. It’s funny too because at my nasa bioengineering mentorship last year i prototyped somthing very similar to this and then adapted it to optimize pilot aircraft interface. We ended up getting a patent on the aircraft portion, but i always thought that the playstation biofeedback alone would be very cool to have. Nice to see that someone else thought so too :)

  2. Hey- this is what I need! I wish to control the “X” button via EEG, using BioExplorer.
    Easiest way I can figure to interface would be amplitude modulation of a simple sine wave. as the amplitude increases, the pressure value of the X button goes up. I am looking for someone to draw the schematic and/or build this for me.
    Anyone have extra time that they want to turn into a little $$?

  3. Help please: I cannot locate the full article for this hack and am very interested in it. I wish to build a device to help my son with his medical condition and this sounds like it is very close to what I need.

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