Thermaltake Mini Fridge

thermaltake mini fridge

[Jared Bouck] has posted the latest project at Inventgeek: Thermaltake minifridge. Jared isn’t a big fan of the cost/reliability trade-off that comes with most overclocking projects so he decided to take on an entirely different cooling project. He found this Thermaltake case that resembled a refrigerator and took it the rest of the way. The cooling components came out of two 65W peltier camping coolers. After gutting the case, he mounted the power supply so that the intake and exhaust are external to the case. The peltier coolers were wired directly to the PS and the entire case was lined with foam. The last step was to add plexiglass ramps for the cans.

23 thoughts on “Thermaltake Mini Fridge

  1. Turning that into a functional pc would be a great hack for gamerz everywhere who will not only have the ammo in the game but the ammo to stay awake right inside the very machine they are using to pwn the enemy

  2. rancid milk:
    “It would be better if you could fill it up through the 5 1/4 slots.”

    I rekkon it would be good if you had redbull coming our of one slot, sprite 3g out another, you know 250ml cans, some variety.

  3. #8

    hehe… anything that cools something else will produce more heat than when you started (otherwise you have discovered free energy o.0 ) Entropy is going to be the end of us errr… everything :P

  4. You know i like these types of articles i was sitting here at the computer last night thinking man i wish i could run my computer super cool. i am in the process of running one computer and fixing to run three and they tend ot put off heat. so i came up with an idea that i am implimenting and after seeing the fridge here i have to do it now. I have free elcectricity and gas at my place so i found a free chest freezer in the local trading newspaper [i just have to pick it up] so three computers in a chest freezer [small one] with cd bays in the front. now i just have to buy a digital camera.


  5. Next step is to, as said, put a working mobo in there. Shuld work with a via mini ITX card.

    And, set it up with mySQL, and let it dispense automatically over network! Also, it could give you some outputs, like how many cold ones it is in there, teperature, uptime, etc.

    I wish i had money for projects like theese.

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