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Every so I often I Google “paintball minigun“. This time it actually turned up something good. Special effects builder Rick Galinson has been working on a… wait for it… paintball minigun (cache). There is a video of a dry fire run on his site. He’s apparently having trouble with the triggers; I just want to know how he plans on loading it.

Rick has a lot of other cool projects. He’s got a cool two arm minigun prop (cache) (looks like Monev the Gale), A remote controlled submarine (cache), and a really cool telemetry suit (cache) for collecting upper body movement data.

For completeness’ sake you can check out Monty’s Miniguns for information on other paintball miniguns and miniguns in general.

25 thoughts on “Paintball Minigun

  1. Several issues:

    1. How in the world are you going to load it?
    Im willing to bet that even a HALO B fitted to feed 35 balls per second is going to have issues with that, and youll be out of paint in no time anyways.

    2. Ever been hit with a ~22bps ramp? Quite dangerous actually, and has the possibillity of moving a players mask off their face, along with things like being shot in sensitive areas (neck, crotch, etc). This looks to exceed that.

    3. So you empty a case (2000 paintballs for those of you who dont play) in less time than it takes for McDonalds to give you your food, what are you going to do with it? Most fields wouldnt let you on because youd be an insurance liability, and even if I was your friend, i wouldnt play against you with that thing. Its also pretty much limited to vehicle mount, because you would probably get tired of carrying it, plus the gyroscopic force looked like it made aiming difficult.

    That said, its most excellent, and it did put a smile on my face. It looks quite fearsome.

    And like I said…no way id go up against it.

    By the way, anyone thinking of riot control?

  2. holy crap.
    lol, im not sure thats legal ….
    would be interesting to see more info on te build and how the hell it is going to be fed. probly will need to use aire pressure to force the paintballs in faster. maybe some kind of pressurizing hopper.

  3. you can acctually buy an airsoft mini gun, airsoft is simmilar to paint ball except ther isnt any paint.
    the airsoft mini gun fires at a rate of up to 400fps, powered by gas and electric its loading system involvs a pack worn on the back holding 30,000 bb’s.
    it can anilalate fruit like a dream.

  4. The biggest difference between airsoft and paintball as far as gun mechanics are concerned is that you don’t have to be gentle to small plastic pellets. Try spring-loading a line of paintballs in a clip and you’re going to get nothing but a colorful mess.

    Sweet minigun though. I’ve tried to come up with belt-fed designs, it’s difficult.

  5. With airsoft guns the bb’s are fed from a resovar via clockwork or electric cog and its pushed into the chamber by a spring, paintballs are fed by gravity due to the softish casing of the pellet. But the forces put on the paintballs to load them fast and efficiantlywould result in lots of miss firering and jamming. Unlike the 175 rounds per minuet with the airsof minigun.

  6. I wonder how fast this thing is anyway? There’s already single-barrel guns out there capable of shooting around 40 shots a second… if only loaders were able to keep up. Current loaders can only feed approximately 30 shots a second in practical application. Most tournament paintball guns are regulated to 15.

    This isn’t the first paintball minigun. Google “Tippmann Hellhound”. It was a special made golf cart which featured a 36BPS (I believe) mounted, drill-driven minigun.

  7. wow. thats pretty sweet and extremely dangerous (making it even more sweet). My friend and i had been developing a paintball shotgun that turned out pretty well. We figured it would be extremely difficult to use more than once per round, but we figured the intimidation factor would help a lot. I think this would be more intimidating than usefull, but if you play with some girly men, they will surrender.

  8. Frickin’ sweet! Since he is a special effect designer, I wonder if he has a more mundane use for this in mind than competition paintball. Maybe this is a stepping stone to some other effect.

  9. Actually, the fastest loader is somewhat sketchy: at free fall rates, some upgraded halo B’s are capable of reaching 50bps. Free fall is very different from on the gun though, because loading the gun is of a more stop-start nature.

    If you really want to get technical, I think that the fastest on gun loader would be a qloader, the downside to that being the 100round capacity, but it can load upside down, which would probably help here.

    The empire reloader b and the halo b are pretty much the same…the empire is just sound activated. This doesnt offer much increase in speed over the halo b, except that it loads faster while your snapshooting because it loads for every shot.

    The ball chopping problem is probably the largest issue here, aside from gas consumption. Running off of CO2 is inefficient, but compressed air probably cant put out enough pressure to operate this.

  10. Dear Elliot,

    I enjoyed readiong about your very creative work. I would like to know more about measuing the velocity of movement with respect to a stationary surface using an optical mouse.

    I have accessed the pointer position data from the computer and avaraged the pixel passage in constant time intervals but the result does not seem to be consistent and signal is missed for high velocities.

    I am sure that you have hardware/software solution to this. Any help you can provide me will be appreciated.


    – Kash

  11. I know the guy who makes this, I actually play paintball with him in harwood, tx.

    the gun pretty much keeps up with whatever hopper you can put on it. to test the rof he uses a qloader. He has two miniguns, one that rotates and shoots through the barrels as its spinning, the other(the one he uses in games) spins and shoots through a hole in the middle.

    he’s currently working on “the octogun” which basically 8 barrels, each with firing mechanisms and all of that crazy stuff, hooked up to a trigger

  12. Can u plase sell me one cuz iI need it to destroy my teams archenemy and to scare th hell out off anyone that piss me off when Im playing paintball.

    please i need ur help!!

  13. ME and my freind are looking to make a paintball m1a2 tank, and that looks like the ultimat anti infantry cannon, plus it would give you the oppertunity to show the world your creation, we would be willing to pay conciderable money if requiered, if intrested please emale me at

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