IPhone Eve’ Extra

The guys at I-hacked put up a how-to on giving your windows mobile phone some iPhone skinned powers, but later in the day they decided to make it login required. Thanks to [Katrina] for the tip. (requiring logins for contributed content just doesn’t sit well with me.)

[chris] sent in his own round up of his personal projects.

[Chris Coleman] let me know about hacktherazr. They’ve got some decent guides on customizing just about everything on the things.

[Ben Heck] got sick of emails, so he’s offering to build one more xbox 360 laptop, if you give him a pile of money.

Staring sunday, I’ll be ripping the hell out of my new house (and re-doing most of the upstairs). Do me a favor and keep the tips line brimming over.

[David] has some interesting ideas involving wireless AP antennas and wireless keyboards. How about a cantenna…

10 thoughts on “IPhone Eve’ Extra

  1. I couldn’t agree more with that opinion on requiring user login to access articles, or posts. It also makes no sense to attach stuff to forum posts, and only allow members to download them, unless you’re that hard up for a higher user count. There are public file hosting solutions that don’t require an account that can handle more than enough storage for most of the stuff I see restricted. It’s like free laptop/ipod/iphone/x360/ps3 advertising.

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