RFID Guardian V3 Released

[fbz] wanted to make sure that everyone knows that RFID Guardian has released the latest version of their design. I had a hard time finding a good shot of the hardware, so I went with the Nokia phone control application. There’s a short explanation of the project here. I’d point at the use examples on the site, but it seems that their MYSQL server is running out of memory. After seeing this talk at shmoocon last year, and a bit more reinforcement at defcon, there are definitely some good uses for the guardian. (Once you get past the slow start, Major’s intro is funny as hell. – jump past the first 8 minutes or you’ll be bored.)

5 thoughts on “RFID Guardian V3 Released

  1. Adam Laurie’s presentation does show that the ID can be cloned. I still do suspect that both the RFID manufacturers and RFID opponents overstate the capabilities of the RF side of the system. As best I can tell the RFID Guardian works by creating malicious interference. illegal in most countries, that try to keep the RF spectrum usable. A widespread use of such devices will be noticed. When/if it is expect to find mere possession will be illegal.

  2. The RFID database Virus and Worm where cool.

    I’d still like to see more research on algorithmic passive RFID like car keys use though. Making a hardware AV solution isn’t really exiting cause outside the professional community it’s not really being attacked yet.

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