6 thoughts on “Sound Input For Cheap Video Cams

  1. ha ha i was looking at this a few days ago i was thinking of an excuse to pick one up myself!!! or one of the sanyo exati types i really want to have a small ready to go at anytime to get “that crazy moment”

    id love one of these but lots and lots of ( bad and horrible sound)even the firmware changes doesn’t do a lot you either bet better video quality and bad sound or little bit better bad sound and worse video but for 150 bucks you can beat 720p hd even though its compressed at the h264

    also want to mention that (fishycomics) on the same forum has done lots of video reviews of the camera and other shoot and go cameras look him up on youtoob and there on steves forums— im not endorsing him but he poped up a lot when i was googling the A-HD

    i was thinking of a mod for the A-HD using a sennheiser me64/k6 shotgun mic and wiring it to the camera take out the speaker and refab it to have a mount mold around the shotgun mic and your ready to go!!!


  2. Why use a crap microphone? just add a headphone jack and use a decent mono (all pro camcorders record in mono most of the time.) shotgun microphone instead of some crap found on the floor.

    Camcorders that dont have shotgun microphones record crap for audio. ALWAYS use a shotgun.

  3. I actually did this to my A-HD with a few cahnges to the pre-amp. I didn’t use the circuit that they said right there, and if the thread there does not show the actual circuit, there is one on the forums telling you how to.

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