Playstation Controller Interfacing

This is an older set of hacks, but I’m surprised we haven’t covered them before. The playstation controller is an interesting alternative to normal robotic controls. This PS1 controller to serial interface is based on a Motorola HC68 series micro-controller. This even simpler version only needs some diodes to interface with a parallel port. Probably more interesting is this how-to on using a wireless PS2 controller with a basic stamp II.

14 thoughts on “Playstation Controller Interfacing

  1. Basic: Not all games on the PS1 liked the analog buttons, so you had to turn off the analog during those games.

    I never liked the ‘soft button’ and preferred my Pelican which had a hard switch.

  2. When I originaly reversed and wrote the info on the PSX joysticks I assumed the byte-out I called ID was just an ID. It is in fact a bit feild that defines what info the game pad will be handing back.

    Some old PSX games also must have treated it as an ID byte and would not opperate unless same “ID” it was expecting was given back. If you had an analog joystick and the game did not see ID=0x41 the game would think you did not have a controller at all and not work. That is why the game pads had a button to select digital/red-analog/green-analog mode.

  3. I know this may be a little off topic but this hack is kinda hitting where I need to go. I have with me here 4 concept A3 keyboards and have managed to hook one up with power and a parallel cable (These things used to run on BBC micro’s) but I need some help making my computer take the info it outputs to the LPT port and do something with it. If anyone know what i’m on about then get in touch … anyone who has hacked one of these before would be very helpful indeed … Mail me

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