Wii Nunchuck Arduino Pan And Tilt Camera

I found this while looking for a teardown of a Wii Nunchuck remote since they’re cheap and include a 3 axis accelerometer. I mentioned an interface board the other day, but the responsiveness of the interface in this video grabbed my attention. If you like it, you should check out this [via] Nunchuck Arduino RF controlled robot. You can find details on that bot here. The accelerometer itself only runs about $10, but it’s a pretty small SMD part.

11 thoughts on “Wii Nunchuck Arduino Pan And Tilt Camera

  1. This is what I was thinking when I saw the giant sword holding industrial robot. But it was only running motion scripts from gestures. This project is really what I was waiting for.

  2. Yea, crash has a good point, where are all the sixaxis controller hacks?

    btw, awesome responsiveness! I cant get my head around the fact that it stops at the right moment even if it starts well.

  3. very nice. i wonder how responsive it would be when connected over the internet? you know, in case you wanted a home security system with a more “hands-on” approach.

  4. hmm… the nunchuck doesn’t seem to be plugged in… (Unlikely. I doubt someone would try to choreograph that. =P)

    or those ultrathin yellow wires connect it. (Probably)

    Very cool, nonetheless.

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