PSP External Controller Wiring

Acimods contributor [Blizzrad] has just finished one of the cleanest mods we’ve seen in a while. With minimal modification to the outside of the PSP he was able to add an external PS2 controller. This naturally took a lot of internal modification. The controller and PSP use a 25 pin SMT connector salvaged from a laptop. The controller’s connector housing is from a set of component cables. Video after the break plus some wiring pictures.


[Blizzrad] has put together a great wiring guide for the PSP/PS2 controller. It takes a lot of delicate work with 30AWG wire, but he’s done most of the hard work figuring out what vias you can use and where you should route wires. We love seeing people take the time to document difficult tasks like this.

[via Engadget]

9 thoughts on “PSP External Controller Wiring

  1. For anyone interested there’s a more readily available connection option.
    CF (Compact Flash) memory cards have a 50 pin connection.
    I’ve personally taken apart one and it will be easy to use, you can even cut it down so it’s smaller, with less pins. (as all 50 aren’t needed) And as Multi Readers are dirt cheap, I think it’s the perfect option.
    I’m going to use this myself for my PSP.
    I’m going to have the CF card bit in the PSP and the readers pins removed from the reader and modified to fit some kind of plug similar to the one displayed above.
    The only issue I have at the moment is trying to find a good place to connect to the analogue nub in a PSP slim. The connections are very different than the old PSP. Plus space is tight in the Slim, and I think I’m going to struggle to find a nice discreet place to fit the port.

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